1. Sharks. Which is completely ridiculous seeing as I live in Chicago.

  2. Had a major accident and had to learn to walk again. Not one called, not one came to bring me clothes or visit in hospital. My boss (who had been a twat the entire year) called and even got his wife to go shopping for me and bring me clothes as they had to cut mine off my body. Yeah I stopped doing the free pub pick ups and dropping in to cook dinner and clean their house over a cup of coffee after that. I’m even the god parent to 14(yea 14!!) different families kids over the last 16years and realised after the accident I kept getting named because they found out I set up trust funds for my god kids and deposit money every year for them to have when they turn 25. I’ve made all the funds even with over 5k and refuse to put more in now. I’ve moved home and countries so be interesting if they find me to hit me up for the funds in a few years time.

  3. Today. I'm on day 22 of sobriety, I'm proud of that.

  4. For photo equipment or all kind of expensive stuff: put some duct tape on it. If it looks broken, nobody wants to steal it.

  5. I'm assuming penis enlargement pills, although I've never met anyone who has claimed to have tried them

  6. I know a guy who has sent his life savings to a bunch of scammers claiming to have found truckloads of gold in Japanese trucks buried in 400 foot deep shafts in the the Philippines at the end of WWII and they just need a little more money to get the shaft deeper.

  7. I would go far to say that a lot of people are doing better than usual if you didnt get laid off. With travel restrictions and many places closed, people have no where to go to blow their money. No family vacation this year. No cross country travel to see the family. No going to bar every weekend and spending 100 bucks on drinks.

  8. I think the part that amazed me most was they weren’t dominoes.

  9. I think the face is the most attractive part of a girl. The ass and tit are coo but I wanna be able to actually look at her face

  10. Run a cafe or a small pub in pretty village

  11. mad scientist. I wanna engineer tissues for things like organ transplantation and improved cancer treatment. Giant robot can come later, but I married an ME, so that’s on track.

  12. For a while we had 'This, Jen, is the internet'

  13. When I was little, like 5 or 6 years old, they thought my mom might die.

  14. also, when I feel secure in myself and my relationship, I'm less likely to be extreme with my emotions. It's when I'm feeling insecure that I go a little crazy. So I try to focus on improving the security aspect.

  15. Ooh, I’ve never actually seen that in real life. Sounds beautiful!

  16. Agreed. I have brown eyes but I wear green coloured contact lenses a lot.

  17. I've never seen one other than the tamagotchi fairy pink on for low on mercari

  18. Hostility towards raises. Rewarding your existing employees is almost always cheaper than hiring new. Ive had a manager that scoffed at a single 3% raise for someone who had no raise for 5 years. Good luck hiring a new person with that experience and for less money. There’s a reason why job hopping gets you more money, and it’s not because hiring new is cheaper.

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