1. The most tragic moment I had was from a match vsing a Trickster using Devour Hope. I ran across the map looking all over for it, and I finally found it right as he downed me and mori'd me. The worst part is a Leon had been tailing behind me and turned and ran away (he didn't see it). I was like "NOOOOOOO the totem is right thereeeeeee....."

  2. Sometimes when I get downed near a hex totem, I'll shake my body "no" while crawling toward it to try and convey the message, "Look, I'll cut a deal with ya: You don't hook me and I'll keep the location of your hex totem a secret from my teammates. Everyone just walks away."

  3. Isn’t yugi like an Egyptian super being reincarnation or something?

  4. can an Egyptian super being reincarnated survive getting a headshot from someone that can throw entire threes like they weigh nothing?

  5. I’d imagine the plague Doctor or that one that freaks out if you look at him

  6. Thanks, trying to create a meme template that can become super popular. Latest attempt

  7. God this would be so useful and not make us get dizzy when survivors do the spin

  8. It’s looking like any issues that could arise could unfortunately come down to WB interfering because they are broke as shit

  9. Willie seems like a cool guy but the Condemned play style seems lame to me.

  10. It can be, but there’s no denying the success rate he’s achieved with it

  11. I’d love to see the stats that show him single handed my boosting her kill rate by a significant margin

  12. That would cool to see like Sadako Killrates with and without one pump Willie

  13. Except for the fat bp bonus from getting them in game

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