1. Yeah PGA Tour Pro. Real idiot. Keep policing range divots at your local muni buddy. You people act like grass at the range isn’t meant to be hit on

  2. Stargard is some sort of anti theft gps system. I forgot to mention I can choose to add that or not so I’ll just not add that on.

  3. The car already has an anti-theft system iirc. If not you could stick an airtag or tile somewhere innocuous

  4. Vroom Carvana and Carmax are auto DQs in my mind when I see a used car

  5. I can’t believe he’s only 26, feels like he’s bounced around on loan for chelsea for 10 years haha

  6. Eh when the Cubs did it it was super annoying and caused a lot of scuffles. I’m glad our players act like pros. It literally has nothing to do with winning or losing. The talent just isn’t there

  7. Went browsing through the Lululemon sub for possible discount codes. Didn't find any but spent a decent amount of time there anyway

  8. Some people just have no awareness of slow play, it’s outrageous… I would get so flustered in a group of this bug, like it’s very clear that each hole is going to take forever and there’s gonna be a pileup behind you

  9. Man Nidoking looks so much cooler in the original art then his 3D models

  10. My favorite was Aston Oaks. Tons of elevated tee shots into valley fairways surrounded by woods. Picture-perfect views on almost every hole. Came across groups of deer 3 different times during the round. And then lunch on the outdoor elevated patio overlooking the 1st and 9th holes. It was my favorite golf experience of the season so far, even though I played terrible.

  11. Aston is really nice. Friendly staff too. That's my favorite course in Cincinnati

  12. Rory plays in Abu Dhabi every year. He is very consistent in that regard. Notice how Rory is only working the "bad for PGA" angle and not the "saudis are savages" angle since he had no problem going there yearly to play before.

  13. I don’t need something that big. My car before this was a pilot and it’s just too big IMO

  14. like literally from Cinci area. this is a gift for my brother-in-law. he's likely already tasted or owns/ed the top labels, so i thought maybe a taste of Cincinnati would be cool.

  15. One of the commandments of this sub is "Thou shall not speak ill of the Bearcats".

  16. What happens first ? Ohio state loses to Michigan again or UC makes playoff again

  17. I had to check to make sure that there wasn’t a plane that was holding the top 57 NFL wide receivers that crashed 😅

  18. He’s on more of a Rahm trajectory, he’ll get one soon. Ball striking plays well everywhere. He’ll putt lights out one week and get a US Open or PGA.

  19. Centuries of bene gesserit breeding planning to create the perfect free talker

  20. I just checked, most players have something boring like Rahm. Rory is the exception here.

  21. Its up to the player who retired it if it gets to be used again or not. When Mike Garrett lent his #20 to Darnell Bing he placed two stipulations. 1, that Bing play well. 2, that Bing would get his degree. I'm not sure what The Conversation between Carson and JA was. But its not like the coaches were just like "here you go".

  22. Carson probably let him have the number if he promised not to get drafted by the bengals

  23. Adam Scott is great guy, beautiful man with an effortless golf swing but he wears ugly clothes and putts like an asshole so all our wives and gfs won’t leave us for him.

  24. The broadcast this morning is great. Showing tons of shots and previewing holes players are about to play and how difficult they can be if they miss in the wrong spot

  25. This vrbo commercial with Kermit plays once every commercial break it’s outrageous

  26. This broadcast is embarrassingly bad. I’ve seen 3 golf shots in the last 10 minutes

  27. The USGA needs to do something about this 9th hole for the weekend. Literally everybody is laying up.

  28. If I’m Gronk and I see Annie Agars stories from today I reconsider being with Camille

  29. her grift stinks and her slinging a shitty energy drink is perfect

  30. The guy doesn’t drink - there is absolutely no chance it’s good

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