1. A 2 second kiss in Lightyear made people go insane so yeah, the outrage would be annoying af

  2. inb4 massive push from right to being back 50s-tier muh morals media censorship because tran bad

  3. canonically I'm pretty sure they're actually just all weird and smooth like that

  4. muh chandelier = reminiscent of contrapoints frame = kidnapping

  5. ...I mean politicians in America are 100% trying to make various trans things illegal so...idk if I'd call this "paranoia" exactly...

  6. It is an act of grooming in that it implies to countless observing children that such a thing is acceptable.

  7. i think the idea of "do you think I'd go through ALL OF THIS TROUBLE just to deceive others?" is a fairly good rebuttal

  8. Deep down I know that's not the truth but I really really feel like it inherently must be because of some reverse indescribable Occam's Razor thing.

  9. I'm just curious, are they planning to stop covering hormones for people who've been on them for decades and/or have no way of manufacturing their own any longer? Seems like that would be an easy lawsuit to win.

  10. /uj my jerks have always been a little/uj because I'm actually insane

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