1. they took all of her and her partner's electronics for a few days and deadnamed her because someone sent an email impersonating her threatening to commit a mass shooting

  2. I've seen you post before. There will never be getting over the "brainworms" as you describe them until you leave /tttt/ for good. Those are the real fucking brainworms, if you ask me.

  3. A man goes to the doctor, and says "My ankle hurts."

  4. I keep trying and I keep failing. The episodes don't even need triggers that make sense anymore. I can be trying to distract myself with something I like and I only need the smallest fest of it being malebrained or whatever to start spiraling.

  5. That’s not something I’ve seen yet, but that’s unfortunate

  6. Granted it was one deranged KiwiFarmer and several unrelated name + numbers people on Twitter but yeah

  7. She lives in Canada. I get you despise Biden but at least apply it to something that makes sense instead of spewing your brain vomit all over soemthing wholly unrelated

  8. /uj whenever I watch streams that have facecams nowadays I start getting loony and start spotting clocky traits on (usually cis) streamers

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