1. Unfortunately I am not from usa and importing from another country is very expensive.Thank you I will get the 2nd one!

  2. Well if you are in Canada, The UK, or Europe then it is still free, also np

  3. I didnt intentionally but a poached plant if you look on my page hm page i but from carnivero jerimiah herris began

  4. bro what is he saying? “Carnivero jerimiah herris began” this man speaking a wholeass new language

  5. Bro what kinda lighting makes everything but the main object (focused on by camera) darker? what’s next? the leaves are floppy because the air isnt right when you took the photo?

  6. That pot can house bigger neps itll be fine

  7. It will if u leave direct sun the whole day, even lowland hybrids like this wont stand it too long

  8. Who put lipstick on the plant 😭

  9. light and water, also is that another sick vft on top?

  10. Why’s the other one looking so funky

  11. I think it’s dead cuz the bulb is suppose to be big fleshy and white even in dormancy

  12. Did they run out of sphagnum moss or something? They usually send people enough to fill wayy more than that pot lol

  13. A quite considerate amount of absorbent shenanigans

  14. a miniscule amount of senseless moron activities

  15. I started seeing the dente cultivar everywhere a little while back when before it was just typical looking flytraps. Maybe this is the new cultivar they are mass producing?

  16. no fuzzy leaves dont attract your average customer at all theyre gonna be more intrigued about what’s happening on the trap

  17. That's so weird. I wonder if it's a truly random mutation that appeared in one of these huge VFT nurseries that produce all the death cubes, and just managed to slip out. I've never seen one like it.

  18. Schuppenstiel type of mutation or actually is one that was just mislabled and sent to the nursery

  19. All if em are fine except for the nep could be pest damage or low humidity, the sundew might need a lot of light for more colors and might also need a bit more soil in the pot tho right now it looks pretty happy to me

  20. maybe idk for sure usually if the nep is making small new deformed leaves that points everywhere it’s an indication of micro pests so maybe move the nep away from ur other plants cuz they might get infected as well

  21. Holy HELL Villosa is such an astounding pitcher!! I would lose my absolute mind if I got a chance to see one of these in nature!

  22. ur gonna lose ur mind first about never seeing a mature villosa in nature cuz of poachers

  23. Damage to stem could kill everything above although unlikely. I did not want to lose the upper pitchers so I did the basal. Next time I will try the main growth may be a double. Standard stem cuttings are one to two nodes and three if there is growth point. My little more expensive plants I want to flower and clone but have only one growth point each. It might not work but it is theoretically possibly with little risk. Found no records of any one trying it on Neps.

  24. join the chinese clan for free coins guys these dudes r using their new year red envelope money to buy so many packs

  25. just join any active chinese clan

  26. I'm actually surprised this isn't a thing. Seems like there would be some good evolutionary advantage to it

  27. That plant needs to leave the poor borneo monkeys alone 😭

  28. 100% not trusmadiensis if that's what trus stands for in this case, and i do not know what species this is. also is it from tlar??

  29. Ohhh I just looked up the seller on ebay and yes it was

  30. prolly fusca or a random hybrid with fusca then because tlar likes to sell his mystery plants that he found buried in his nep vines and tlar isnt a known poacher btw he sold me very good plants packaged insanely well and he’s very good with communications so if u have any questions just ask him

  31. About 15 cm, not including tendrils/pitchers.

  32. nice mine was a good 7 cm 2 weeks ago when i bought it from cc but a dog ate it, recently got a new one but it is around 5 cm

  33. Big oof. Better luck with the new one. These seem to grow pretty fast given the right conditions.

  34. yeah both that ive gotten are seedgrown and they grow pretty decent in cool condition compared to truncata’s crawling growth speed in cold weather

  35. you want me to continue living? every second is every step closer to me dying, no thanks…

  36. op’s following 3 different religions at the same time??

  37. Cover it with a clump of lose moss to keep the humidity and water it a lot then all you have to do is take care of it like a normal fly trap

  38. Get over wave 50 w/o crashing on my phone ill give you a medal

  39. ur phone must be a piece of unsalted crackers connected to wires because if it isnt it should run btd6 fine. I used to play btd6 all the time on a 7-8 year old phone

  40. how’s coc and cr souless? theyre some of the best mobile games, almost everything else but the first two in 99% souless games are copies of the the first two

  41. They sell a really nice Spongebob house decoration that would fit so nicely in there

  42. why not put a washing sponge in there to complete the set

  43. No plant in that cross can “easily” withstand low humidity. Even veitchiis will fail to reliably pitcher in 50% humidity or less. I have no experience with this phenomenon so I couldn’t tell OP exactly what’s occurring, however it being a low humidity response seems reasonable

  44. ive grown them myself literally and they grow like crazy in dry household condition

  45. A quick search finds this

  46. i dont think that’s wax especially if the plant is sitting directly next to water and this cross have 2 parents that can survive in low humidity easily

  47. i give it a 1% survival rate, even if he did survive for 2 more days after this photo was taken he would still be thrown away and replaced by a healthier fish. That’s simply how petco works if it looks like it is dying, it would be thrown away to save space and make space for a potential sale.

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