1. I find it hilarious watching it back, it's total chaos and I completely disregarded the grenade I threw, just ran straight into the guy and all I could think about is killing him lol...

  2. Your title reminds me of saving private Ryan where the guy runs out of ammo in his pistol, I think it was, and just throws it at the German soldier. Hope you're enjoying it man, this game has a great community. Some bad apples but overall were a great bunch.

  3. Haha yeah, that was it! I am having a blast so far, even the losses can be enjoyable when the squad is good fun.

  4. I have never used Blender before so I am not even sure how to ask the right question.

  5. Not understanding what you mean by "hatch". What you're seeing in that image is the wireframe of the mesh. Only thing I can imagine you meaning is hatching, the shading technique using varying densities of lines where continuous shades are not available, and that's not crosshatching.

  6. That's a valid point, and I think I do actually mean get the wireframe of the object. And I want different wireframe styles(?), like squares triangles or horizontal lines. I hope that makes sense. Sorry for the confusion.

  7. Looks cool. What software did you use for modeling from the point cloud? And making the animation afterwards?

  8. I think that idea has some potential. Hopefully the devs think it through

  9. Reality Capture. For the alignment and model generation I use photoshop or lightroom to raise shadows, lower highlights and crank the "Texture" slider on the images. Then texture using the original images. Usually gives me a better result.

  10. Great work! Do you have an automated workflow for image processing or you go through each by hand?

  11. I totally agree here. Out of all the bugs, this is yhe one thay pisses me off the most to a point where I wouldn't want to play again for a few days...

  12. that is not reliably possible like you did it here.

  13. I thought this might be the case. I tried making a single clustered column chart, but the issue is both years come from two separate excel files and I couldn't figure out how to input them into one combined visualization. Any tips on that? Should I combine all my data into a single spreadsheet?

  14. I came here to ask exactly the same thing, but aborted my question because I don't have access to my code atm.. I have the same problem though, only the last frame is being exported.. did you find a solution somewhere else maybe??

  15. I'm still struggling with a solution... let me know if you find anything?

  16. We pay our freelance architects (medium sized developments and full renos) between 65 en 85 per hour depending on seniority. The ones at 65 still have at least 3-5 years of relevant experience.

  17. Very much appreciated! May I ask which city is your practice based in? Do you reckon it varies much between the different locations within Belgium?

  18. In what way would it differ? Is freelancing more or less expensive?

  19. If you want to know who you are, you have to look at your real self and acknowledge what you see.” ~Itachi

  20. “Hard work is worthless for those that don't believe in themselves.” – Naruto Uzumaki.

  21. Getting your tracks disabled while trying to flank was a death sentence, I remember having to respawn as an engineer and trying to run back to repair, only to be killed numerous times!

  22. Lately comms is breaking so often for me that I am having trouble enjoying the game at all...

  23. Any part. Just passing over an AT mine will trigger it. Same with trucks.

  24. Be cautious if you are trying to hide AT-mines under terrain. I know i tried to hide AT-mines under terrain on streets and railroads on Carentan but if the terrain isn't passable aka the tank won't ignore the terrain collision your AT-mine will not activate.

  25. Not really whining about anything - that's just the way the game goes sometimes, and I enjoy it the way it is. I thought it was funny that I landed these knife kills and got shot by my own. And just to make it clear since you seem curious about it - I spawned on an airhead with an MG as per my SL orders to provide supressing fire while they try to run the open fields. We ended up capping the point. Enjoy the game :-)

  26. At any point where you could drag a soldier, shooting at the enemy would be more useful.

  27. Holding atm, trying to avoid checking the price every day...Imo if you are not planning on buying more you should just forget about it for a while and come back in a few months.

  28. The world wide web is SHOCKINGLY delicate. Do you seriously not understand how many systems and infrastructures need to go just exactly right for us to be having this conversation?

  29. I do, and I am still curious about what people have to say about it. If you do know so much about all of the systems and infrastructures, do share some insight with us as to what may go wrong.

  30. Do you send this to all people on this sub? Or just when you're extra salty :-)

  31. Hi there mate, I just came across this as I am having the exact same issue? can you please elaborate on how you resolved it? Thanks!

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