1. It makes 0 sense to want lower temperatures on a CPU you aren't rendering on or hitting overclocking records on. You have over 15c of thermal headroom at your disposal already.

  2. Looks like someone didn’t learn the lesson of letting go, or how to cram a bunch of gold bars down their pants and leave.

  3. Nah put em in Elijah near the forcefield door, then run all the way around fast as fuck and you can grab them on the otherside of the forcefield.

  4. I always love when people praise this dlc but they neglect to mention the horrible combat with the ghosts like oh you're not a melee or energy weapon build well fuck you

  5. This has nothing to do with the motherboard. This is 100% on the case manufacturer. Blame them. If its too annoying there are adapters on line you can plug these into to make installation to your motherboard easier.

  6. There's a goldilocks zone for a new hobby and I think most of the time it exists somewhere at the 50-60% mark of top tier equipment.

  7. Yes you can but it requires some work. First you want to make sure that you get a thermal grizzly or thermal right lga 1700 socket replacement. Next you will want to undervolt with an offset adaptive voltage in your bios so you will need a z690 or z790 board. Last you will still need a power limit of about 115-120w.

  8. It appears unfit and baggy. Looks more like a costume

  9. His haircut is all fucked up too. Wtf is up with that fade. Maybe this guy got lucky and fell into the position. He looks like a bag of crushed assholes though.

  10. Is it possible to cool the i5 13600k without thermal throttling with a low prfile aircooler like the "is-55" from id-cooling?

  11. Yes you can set a pl1 limit of 115w and it will prevent you from thermal throttling. It will affect your multicore score unless you decide to do an offset voltage in bios but gaming will be unaffected.

  12. Thank you. I think i'll get a 12600k instead.

  13. Am5 boards are hella expensive for some reason. Am4 boards are still cheap and intel have some good ones as well.

  14. You can use it to overclock. You can use it in combination with frequency/voltage adjustments. Overclockers like it because sometimes it gives you free performance, and you can also use it to tune that last 1-2% gain.

  15. Just a heads up: check the specs for RAM before you use a minisforum product. You might find out after you buy it that bios is gimping your memory performance.

  16. The 4090 pulls 450w if you’re not overclocking. You have tons of cpu headroom, especially with how power efficient cpus are now.

  17. Certain CPUs can pull 250W easily. 250 plus 450 is 700 right there. I wouldn’t say “tons of headroom”. But there is some, yes.

  18. The 13900k performs as well as a 12900k at 120w. There is very little reason to draw 250w from a cpu, especially not at the same time as your gpu.

  19. oh ok, yup something has changer because the parasite draining your energy becomes bigger

  20. Because he has a key already in the intro before he gains the second face. I think it makes much more sense that parasite is a separate entity that possesses a key, then absorbs prologue guy gaining a second face. Look at the face in the left side. It has teeth and a mouth while Scornguy lacks one. The second face on the right lacks a mouth too; his face is exploded outward. I intend on using the out of bounds camera on this when i have time on intro cutscene to settle this, perhaps ripping the asset to show everyone what is/isn’t there.

  21. There are tons of other games that tell a story that way. This game chose a different direction. Its good to get something different every once in a while.

  22. The thing to the right of Introguy's face doesn't look like another face to me. I think Introguy is the same character as Prologue guy

  23. If Im right and the introguy is the parasite that means parasite guy possessed a key before absorbing prologue scornguy (you can see a key on his hand in the intro).

  24. He has the key installed on his hand, you can see the protrusion from the top of his head, the swirly fleshy growth pattern on the side of his head, and even his eye has the same "thrall" look the pregnant bodies do at the end.

  25. It's missing a face in the intro. You can clearly see the otherside of the bone wall where the second face should be.

  26. Man I wanted this case so bad. I tried to reach out to the creator and never heard back.

  27. I'm going to go obnoxious tin foil hat. 6 is important in numerology for the concepts of Oneness and Destiny. Both of those ideas are pretty integral to Scorn. There are lots of examples of co-existence in the game as well as the merging of the female and male self. Destiny is marching us forward towards the end even though we don't know what is waiting for us.

  28. This is definitely unpopular seeing all the criticism in this subreddit, but I wouldn't have like this game as much if we had any text/objectives.

  29. Got legit chills when the synth music started going off on the last level. I'm glad I decided to experience it instead of watching a play through.

  30. Finished the game a few hours ago so I haven't had a lot of time to digest the story yet, but I think the part where we are consumed by the goop is just a failed attempt at ascension.

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