1. Oh no. Phone animal control to see if someone is looking for him. Poor guy. Thanks for helping him 💙🐾

  2. Poor baby! Thank you for taking him home. Phone Vancouver Animal Control to report him. The owners may have called them already looking for him. 604-871-6888 💙🐾

  3. I wondered if anyone else thought it was awkward and pathetic 👀 Embarassing.

  4. I feel like there were sooooo many better picks than him. I was disappointed to see Jacob and shanea

  5. I have to wonder why Harry Hamlin doesn't leave Rinna. He seems like a nice person and she's a total POS. Maybe he's nasty too, I dunno. I just can't see a nice person staying married to that mean bitch.

  6. I’ve ALWAYS wondered this!!!! I think a lot of times Hollywood is two ppl with lots of secrets marrying each other for image.

  7. I totally agree!!! I think they were all jealous of Denise. I miss Denise and LVP. Just a pack of horrible bitches left now.

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  11. Oh no . I'll watch for him. Good wishes that he's home real soon 💙🐾 call Vancouver Animal Control for sure to report him missing. Maybe they have him already 🤞 604-871-6888

  12. Probably needs to lose a bit of weight for good health. She's adorable though💙🐾

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