1. Look up a discrimination lawyer in his area and ask them.

  2. Amen. Lived in Galveston when it got Iked back in 2008 and that was incomparably worse in every way. We should count our blessings.

  3. I was in Sugar Land. We didn't lose power during the storm, but about a week later (right as school started back up) the transformer on our street blew and we lost power for a week. Just our side of the street though, our neighbors across the street had power.

  4. I suspect this does a pore job at actually sucking out the yuck

  5. I think pretty much every video review I've ever seen about one of these says it doesn't work very well.

  6. Paedophile pop star? I'm not normally a gatekeeper but that's a really messed up genre.

  7. I'm just imagining one of those old commercials for compilation CD sets

  8. Yeah, my boyfriend has them all the time

  9. Yep. Accident my ass. They've been trying to dip this toe for years.

  10. They didn't rerelease all of the original Smash line when Ultimate came out (only select ones and new figures) so it seems likely that for a new game, they will at best do the same. However... who are they going to add for a new game? They kind of added everyone you can think of. Add anymore and it's going to be a Mugen situation. It kind of is with Kazuya and Sephiroth. Whose next? Omega Tom Hanks?

  11. They still have to be video game characters, so it won't be a Mugen situation. There will never be a Goku or Iron Man in Smash.

  12. Your list points out a bigger problem - most of those are not Nintendo characters. While they could put a good chunk of those characters you listed in, is there anyone from Nintendo properties that anyone reading this wanted in Ultimate and didn't get aside from Waluigi? They could go bananas with Pokemon like you stated and that's all I can think of.

  13. Dixie Kong, Bandana Dee, there are tons of first party characters they could bring in

  14. I believe that the mint effect is permanent. I know those stats are tracked different in PkHex

  15. IIRC they completely wasted the setting by framing the show as a "family struggle" narrative. I did not care one iota about what interpersonal problems Cop Man's wife and kids were dealing with, yet that's what we got week after week.

  16. I was surprised to see that Terra Nova had fans, because I remember that show sucking balls and, as you said, completely wasting the cool setting.

  17. The falling trees are his revenge for trans kids existing.

  18. It's like Silent Hill, the trees manifested from his psyche.

  19. I would prefer Pokemon Legends: Celebi, that throws the player back in time via Celebi's powers to the era before the towers burned. The games are already primed for a historical era, as it is the generation where apricorn balls were first seen, and there's loads of opportunities to give us beta Pokemon designs as regional forms or regional evolutions. Example, instead of Raichu, Pikachu uses a new item to evolve into Gorochu, who was originally conceived as an evolution for Raichu, but was never used. It can even span into Kanto as well, as a great opportunity to give us Mew through a special quest, akin to Manaphy, Darkrai, and Shaymin. Celebi also has the bonus functionality to be able to make timey-wimey things happen so we could catch Mewtwo in the past era too. The game has practically already written itself at this point.

  20. I retract my idea and throw my support behind Pokémon Legends: Celebi

  21. I know right? And everyone just shits all over me in the comments.

  22. Just here to say I'm pissed, too. A ton of missions just got that much harder.

  23. Yeah an all the Xbox fanbois are all pissed at me for mentioning it

  24. Also second question for that. Since the planets and galaxies are traveling at a crazy speed, would we ever reach anything?

  25. Probably eventually. Like how the Milky Way and Andromeda are going to Smash together

  26. And the Apollo 1 fire was just a day before that, on Jan 27th.

  27. Damn, I didn't realize how much progress the space program made between January 27 and January 28.

  28. Hold it now and watch the hoodwink.

  29. Rock on. When I was drinking, I hid alcohol everywhere. I was still finding stashed trash bags full of airplane bottles by the time we moved.

  30. I read this wrong, and thought wtf do the eustachuan tubes have to do with holding your poop when flying?

  31. No one can hear you poop if they can't pop their ears

  32. The SS Anne was just a mind trick Mew created to stop you from looking under the truck

  33. much agreed. couldn't you feel the sarcasm using from my comment?

  34. Blind patriotism is fucking stupid.

  35. Yes, it goes away. That's the first thing you'll notice in Before/After photos that people post here.

  36. No worries :) my ex told me that he could see I had quit drinking in my face. The blotchiness, puffiness and acne of it all faded.

  37. Just because the average person doesn't know how to sideload doesn't make them dumb. I guarantee the average dumb person knows how to do a bunch of shit you don't. Being unable to recognize that makes you the dumb one.

  38. The average person knows how to go to Google and type a question.

  39. The same argument was used for cellphones, might as well go back to pen and paper, shit was fun when a relative could literally die and you would find out 6 months later when randomly running into an acquaintance at the store

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