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  1. The funny thing is it won't be all that surprising if the Broncos bring in a new coach in 2023 and suddenly Russell looks like his old self.

  2. Actually that would be pretty surprising. Just look at Shane Waldron who looked like a total bust last year with Russ but now is being talked about as a potential HC candidate.

  3. Who would've thought that 80-year old refs didn't have excellent reaction time

  4. What do we call a play when the runner isn't down and a whistle hasn't been blown?

  5. My guy it's not my fault that the refs didn't blow the whistle as fast as you wanted them to. I know the refs are bullshit but this is a stupid argument to hang your hat on

  6. No it's not your fault. It's the ref's fault for making an obviously bad call

  7. What do you call it when a player loses possession of the ball before they're down and without any whistle?

  8. Well that would be a fumble, but if forward progress is stopped and refs deem the play done that that’s what it is! Pretty sick OT run!

  9. By that logic, I'm guessing you never ever disagree with the refs

  10. Bullshit that this game is still going on. Raiders should be profusely thanking the refs

  11. If it's taking this long to review, they obviously can't see enough evidence to overturn

  12. should have not been spotted short earlier when we clearly made it

  13. Ok sure that play should have been spotted better and it still should've been Seahawks ball with no TD 🤝

  14. WSU fans definitely can't complain about the refs after that gift

  15. This drive will answer the eternal question of what happens when a stoppable force meets a movable object

  16. Yeah, it's only our best player in a decade who is leaving, why would you try to give him the closing TD lol

  17. please do tell us more, since you’re so plugged in lol

  18. He was UW coach for 5 years and he hasn't changed a bit judging by these first 2 years at Texas

  19. So then you agree that the federal and state governments should still work hard to help people in places like Elko County who want it?

  20. He was the starting QB for Bothell HS in Seattle's suburbs, one of the state's top programs at the time.

  21. Not really. Hard to succeed at a school like Indiana.

  22. Did he? Look at who Indiana actually beat that season.

  23. Good point. Perhaps it's not reasonable to expect Penix to play at a very high level without good coaching and a solid supporting cast 🤷

  24. I think the best option is for Biden to win again and surround himself with younger advisors and staff.

  25. Democrats shouldn't delegate to any specific generation. Democrats needed voters of all ages and will continue to need voters of all ages, especially if we want to win in places like Montana and Ohio in 2024.

  26. Yeah, in the presser after the game he said that they wanted to put in Huard, but they ran out of time.

  27. Morris getting more junk time than Huard all season makes it pretty clear they think Morris is the better QB right now

  28. The raiders got into field goal range with like 80 seconds to spare I'm not sure taking an extra 35 off would have mattered here

  29. Having nearly an extra minute opens up the playbook for the Raiders at the end there. There's less urgency. They can use the middle of the field. The play calls likely would have been different with less time on the clock

  30. Bill Belichick is a strong independent head coach who don't need no offense

  31. "We got some fun, young guys for you if the price is right 😏"

  32. I guess it's not surprising that Torrens is on the way out after we just acquired a utility guy who can play catcher.

  33. I just want Trump reinstated for the chaos it'll cause in the GOP, especially so considering how desperate the GOP establishment is to get away from him

  34. That's mostly because QBs, especially top-tier ones, are coming into college much more ready to start than they did even a decade ago. It has nothing to do with Sark having some kind of deep and complex offense.

  35. Will it turn out Pete was the QB whisperer the whole time?

  36. It's funny because Pete's USC teams were known primarily for their star QBs. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley. That's why even a QB who was a career backup was picked in the NFL Draft (Matt Cassel).

  37. Personally, I would've just stuck with the futuristic rockets and cool electric cars but I guess that's why I'm not a billionaire 🤷

  38. Tbf who would've thought that publicly berating employees who are plenty qualified to get high-paying jobs elsewhere would backfire

  39. I mean it is blatantly obvious that Hunter Biden was going around picking up bags of cash for his family using his dad's name lol but obviously nothing will come of it and people are far more concerned with issues directly impacting them so yeah it is a waste of time.

  40. It's blatantly obvious that you only care about Hunter or even know his name in the first place because you think it will harm his dad politically

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