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  1. There’s a tall bridge like this in houston , when I was a teen I had an old clapped out 4banger that would struggle to go over so for shits and giggles I’d go there with my then gf (she’s scared of heights) I have no reason to cross this bridge at all, I lived in a pretty flat area for context. So struggle struggle struggle , gf freaking out, I’m cracking up, I stall ! couldn’t for the life of me get it going again, i freak , now we’re both freaking. Nice lady sees tell me to hop off and get my shit box going. She never let me live it down.

  2. why couldn't you get it started again?

  3. and you just weren't really too goo on the clutch back then? Did you ever get a handle on it?

  4. and that's a fucking fatass hand, holy shit.

  5. Hahaha that’s messed up. Where exactly is this located? Just so I know precisely where to avoid going. Haha. Please reply.

  6. basically anywhere. amazon has them.

  7. I thought that was the Brontosaurus Burger?

  8. well, in the intro it's just a massive rack of ribs

  9. you must not have been in high school/college during the time when these were dropping, they were hot lmao

  10. They don't really support old reddit anymore so they aren't going to update it. They just keep it around because they know a bunch of their powerusers and mods would leave.

  11. My IDE (intellij for scala) puts constructor arguments that are on their own line about 17 spaces indented. hard no from me.

  12. I'm on desktop and your shit is one long line.

  13. man it took me a minute for this to make sense in my head. I guess they were incandescent bulbs that got hot from braking and backing down the ramp, and the shock of the cold water hit the bulbs. Kinda weird the bulbs were exposed like that and not in a water-tight enclosure, but I'm not familiar with trailers and definitely not boat trailers.

  14. Thx…so they’re underground incase something goes wrong with the experiments or other reasons?

  15. Lol, this isn't Hollywood my dude

  16. glue it back on, don't be a pussy

  17. it's in opposition to the word "flush" meaning there is no difference in height between the two surfaces. Proud means the surfaces are not flush, one is sticking out further than the other.

  18. High hunting success rate, yet sadly, extremely endangered. Human activity and disease are huge threats to these awesome animals.

  19. Domesticated dogs sneeze for communication all the time. super common, wouldn't be surprised to find it in other canines.

  20. Unless a recent patch changed it, you can still find keys and boxes from vases. I've literally had two keys and a box from one smash and grab.

  21. Boxes definitely don't come from vases. They come from chests with a key floating over them.

  22. Walk around until you find a chest with a key floating over top of it. Those have the boxes. Then you go into your inventory and open the box. It will take 5 keys or something.

  23. you shouldn't be letting your cat outside, ever, unless it's on a leash. cats are terrible for local wildlife and your cat can be preyed upon or injured by other animals very easily.

  24. tbh the mushroom looks like a ripoff of the mushrooms from secret of mana anyway

  25. who the fuck are richard grenell and stew peters?

  26. my biggest gripe with sailing is just how isolated it feels from other skills/activities. the whole concept is really just basically a minigame turned into a skill honestly. i get you can incorporate combat activities or passive encounters that give some sort of skilling xp but i don’t see how it could smoothly tie into the rest of the game unless it was a truly massive expansion

  27. I really detest how "omg it's a minigame" has somehow taken over the arguments around a new skill. who gives a fuck if it's like a minigame, every skill has some part that's like a minigame. I play games to game, not to fucking sweat in motherlode mine for 500 hours.

  28. "Can we meet? I'd love to figure out exactly what someone who says this shit is actually like in person."

  29. crab, hand statue, dragon, or water boss. love the hand guy and the water one at the end a lot.

  30. yeah right, this is probably the best stew you've ever eaten. I'd eat the fuck out of a bowl of perpetual stew.

  31. i find blood pressure makes it worse too! similarly, if im drinking alcohol it does tend to get worse, as well as just standing up too quickly & feeling that brief lightheaded moment.

  32. what happens at the bottom of a pool?

  33. You’re not. You just restated the exact same things that the previous comment did

  34. seems like he elaborated on the comment to me.

  35. This reads like more than half the us national park area is in Alaska. Is that the case?

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