1. Anyone know any anime or episode about rally racing?

  2. A lot people bring up Slay the spire, but no one talks about it starting punishment. Which is Neow's Lament, if you just want to restart and try again, you only get two options. Compare to these option we have, it never feels bad to pick Neow's Lament, sometimes I prefer it over anything else. Getting a one health elite is great. Here the punishment really doesn't fit the crime, and it feels bad because some of the powers are just really god awful on certain characters.

  3. Might be obvious, but why is jester more valued as a stress heal than houndmaster? 8 stress health for the whole squad seems better than only 8 for one person, even if one person might not succeed

  4. Besides the fact that it is guaranteed on the target, you want it the most. Another reason is that it gives a stress buff, meaning the character will take less stress in a future turn. Also, Jester can put a character from 100 stress to 0 faster than Houndmaster. In my opinion, all characters in Darkest Dungeon serve very different purposes.

  5. Trying to farm for Belle Sylphid right now, anyone has some tips? People say that she drops from unclear quest, any or just the one she shows up in? If it the ladder then I an idiot who clear all of them already.

  6. Is there a point in camping if you have a shield breaker? I always seem to come out of it worse than going in

  7. Yes. There is a certain amount of camp you will have to do to clear her nightmares. It a total of 7 throughout the various difficulty. This is the only way to obtain an aegis shield, you can use the shield to complete block damage of any one attack.

  8. It generates 5% of your gold on a weekly basis. So if you have 20k Gold, you will have an extra 1000 next week. You also have to take into account your spending for that week as well.

  9. If I want to use holy lance consistently in battle, what’s a good combo? Jestal + crusader + highwayman/shieldbreaker/barbarian?

  10. Anyone/Crusader(Fast)/Crusader(Slow)/Anyone

  11. Hey I haven't played in ages, was there another balance patch released after the CoM balance patch? that patch as an example says Leper's Chop has 5 base crit but both the wiki and ingame say it's 3%. There are many other differences like that between wiki/in game and CoM balance patch but I can't find any patch notes that changed heroes after the big CoM patch.


  13. Well, don't worry because there aren't any changes to Darkest Dungeon, you'll be able to play it just as well.

  14. Hard agree. Don't like playing DD2 just play DD1. No one is forcing you to play the sequel. Plus why do people want DD2 to be the same game as DD1 anyway.

  15. I recommend getting the "Better Stage Coach". I also recommend turning it on, after you finish the Old Road, since it can mess with your starting heroes.

  16. There are a few mods named that, do you remember which user uploaded the one you use?

  17. By "O'Nightmare!" my bad on that one.

  18. Do I actually need to keep Reynauld and Dismas alive throughout the entire game? I was confused because it seems he's very iconic among the fanbase.

  19. There is an achievement for keeping Reynauld and Dismas alive when you use and finish the final quest with them. You won't miss anything, just that achievement.

  20. Do they have to survive the last fight or just get there?

  21. On the other hand, you might be the only few people to "heal" for 424 health.

  22. I can't even run 20 mods without my game crashing every hour.

  23. From all the backstory, yes it just a normal world with eldritch fuckery in it. The Crusader back story shows him returning from a war, and that the only clue we have.

  24. Room Enter. If you enter a room fight, and back out, you will still scout.

  25. Any of the MarvinSeo class mod operates pretty well. But a lot of class mods are either brokenly OP or just a replacement of the base character. S-Purple classes are also fun to play with.

  26. If you're not into the settings of the game, then the only other facet of DD is the difficulty. Do you like hard as fuck videogames, that you can learn to adapt and exploit the shit out of it. And even when you think you know everything about the game, it kicks your ass anyway.

  27. Good old dodge comp. Graverobber/Vestal/Antiquarian/Man-at-Arms. You should have a chance to camp before the fight. Give Graverobber her Toxin Trickery, Vestal her Bless camping skills, Antiquarian's Invigorating Vapours and Man-at-Arms his Bolster and some space dust. Give everyone a dodge trinket and just spam Invigorating Vapours. Use Space dust to reset MaA's Bolster during the Miller and done.

  28. There are a bunch of Japanese inspire classes and skins on the workshop. There is also an entirely new dungeon region call the Sunward Isles theme after Japanese folklore.

  29. does zadnor work the same way as bozja, with being able to level 70+ characters in there?

  30. Yes, your gear is also sync as well.

  31. I pay $13/month to hang out with my friends. If only BDO was not a Korean-MMO.

  32. Just picked up the DLC thanks to the sale, word is the Crimson Court is super rough. When should I attempt it?

  33. Over prepare the shit out of it. The Crimson Court is a 4 dungeon storyline. For the first dungeon, a full squad of level 2 max is pretty good. Basically, if it Veteran use level 4 and if it Champion use level 6. For dungeon 2 through 4, you can actually leave with no consequences and it will save your location, you will simply need an invitation to come back in. You can enter with a different party if you want to, and you will enter from where you left off.

  34. What should I be spending my money and other materials on right now? I'm on the easiest difficulty and so far I've been upgrading the Wagon (number of people and max roster), the blacksmith, and the one that lets you upgrade abilities. I spend any money I have on stress reduction in the abbey or tavern, upgrading weapons/armor, and upgrading skills. Any big things I'm missing? I feel like the number of deeds I need for upgrades is getting crazy.

  35. First, do you have the DLC? If you do you should be hoarding Portraits to build a bank. The Bank is extremely important because it allows you to start going out on Heirlooms-only runs, which will then help with upgrades. If you don't have to bank, you will just have to juggle between money and heirlooms as you need them.

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