1. Go online and Google 'zip oyster card'. You need proof of age and photo and will get it in the post.

  2. I have read that the card is for children who live in London. For visitors, I will need to go to the visitor booth and give them my visitor Oyster card, which they will apply the young visitor discount to. Is that correct ?

  3. Ok also, i heard about a bus pass, so for 12£ 11-15 drive for free for 7 days. Is it worth it or just get 4 oysters with 2 YVD's? And how much £ should i have on these oysters?

  4. It’s a web framework. If you’re interested in building websites with an integrated database that’s an easy way to get started.

  5. still i dont really understand few things. How to make the website actually online (locally in this case). Whats the process of making a website like that ? Where to setup backend, frontend and database. How it is all connected. I might be very uneducated on all of these. I only know the concept of GET/POST requests.

  6. If you have a web page you've put together with just HTML and CSS, you would put that "online locally" by running a web server like Apache or Nginx.

  7. ok i did read about nginx right now and it makes more sense now. So to host a server i need a pc, preferably with linux then setup nginx and database on this computer right? or use another computer (server) as a database?

  8. That's like saying everyone will use an IDE. Or a debugger. Or an ORM.

  9. Personally I've been using it as a teacher alongside programming books. I've been fucked over by the school system so many times now I'm going my own way and AI makes my journey so much easier.

  10. using it to solve homework is the dumbest use case. You become more dependent on the artificial intelligence of a big company and you are the only one being deceived. I personally don't ask to write big chunks of code for me because adjusting its mistakes or inaccuracies is longer than writing it myself. Asking it to fix few lines of code or clear some dumbass mistake i made is much better use of it

  11. I wonder how much of chatgpt's dataset is comprised of depressing/depressive posts.

  12. i actually wonder how they are going to use post 2021 data from the internet which is poisoned by chatgpt bs. Are they stuck in the 2021 dataset? Or they will need to put more money in dataset quality control?

  13. JS is client side... So, all processing of scripts are run on the client's computer... Php is server side... So, all processing is done on the server... You can't run a database on the client side, it would be a huge security risk... That's a very simple overview, there is a lot more to it...

  14. Ok so in my understanding: User sends an GET request to the server with specific headers asking for a user dashboard, then the server checks headers and renders html with apporpiate information. The rendered html is send to the user ready to be displayed

  15. it's not done like that much anymore. things are generally rendered client side instead of server side.

  16. to keep page loading time distinct from database query time and make it load faster even when the database needs a little more time ?

  17. Ok thanks for clearing it up, but would it make atleast 10 C difference? Air would completely skip radiator and the fan would pull the heat from it directly to the back of the case.

  18. zero chance. moving a fan from one side of a radiator to the other wouldn’t logically change temps that extremely.

  19. If you're getting this from a bottleneck calculator then I would recommend ignoring what that bottleneck calculators told you

  20. there is no set value of "how much", it varies depending on specific game, resolution, quality settings. Some scenarios would be fine, others not. Something like i5-11400f or i7-11700f would be upgrades on that platform

  21. hard to choose because i have a plenty of songs that could share that #1 spot but if i need to choose one from each of my fav genres it would be: electronic - onumi nostalgia, rap-Jmattson - Children of the corn, phonk - MUPP - workin!

  22. That ain’t feminism that’s radical feminism there’s a difference.

  23. of course, but still the one way equality is very annoying even tho its rarer (correct me if im wrong)

  24. Ah yes, seeing a flag makes people be negative towards lgbt+. Bruh

  25. its kind of shoving their ideology down the non lgbt people. Non lgbt does not display any flags.

  26. Its giving visibility to the (greatly marginalized) community, not pushing any ideology

  27. i agree but there are other ways than just throwing flags around, like educating people on the purpose and meaning of the LGBTQ.

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