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  1. It’s great. If you go on a PvP server like Engima, Make sure you have a decent GPU or your frame rate will be potato

  2. You don’t like reservoirs because they sound ethnic. Calling HR

  3. What am I gonna do with all of these 30rd mags?!

  4. POC here: I grew up in a single family household. Granted my parents came from strict religous upgrinings but we were instilled with several principles:

  5. Serious Question: If the SS were elite shock troops, why would they be pulling guard duty?

  6. My can? As that’s the only thing that was in jail. It took 5 1/2 months

  7. I have a similar set up. Would like a silencer. I am a veteran and ex federal LEO. But I am hearing it could take up to year. I’m being lazy and not doing any of the research. Anything you did to help expedite the process?

  8. Grad in 2001. Do they let you have cellphones in class? Or are y’all forced to spell “Boobless” on a Ti-84?

  9. my car wont let me leave the engine running and walk away then lock it remotely

  10. I didn’t expect this to go the financial route. When I hear “women want the wedding not the marriage” I hear, basically women want the attention associated with the engagement, the photos, the invites, say yes to the dress, etc etc. But when it comes to actually navigating life with a partner, a lot of the apprehension begins and you start growing apart because the idea of marriage isnt aligned with actually doing what it takes to be in a marriage.

  11. This is probably real talk here. I've been to a good amount of weddings (entertainment work) and some of them feel kinda fake, in the sense that it feels like they're trying to pretend like their lives are absolutely perfect, fairytale-like that day, and that it's gonna be like that for the next two years... Not saying that the couples aren't legit, cause I'm sure they are, but the groom walking around like he is the ultimate alpha male and shit, and the bride like she is the most beautiful flower on earth, and I say it cause it feels like they're not even being their true selves to a point, just playing the fucking role as if they were part of royal family in England or some shit lol.

  12. It’s the quintessential photos of the Diamond ring being the forefront of every photo. Hell, sometimes the ring overshadows the groom and this is months after the engagement photos.

  13. The viper is extremely fun to fly in DCS VR. SoB sucks gas but hauls ass when you need to wild weasel for your homie.

  14. Can you elaborate on what you mean by "The techies are worse than the hookers on aurora."?

  15. Hookers come and go. Techies spill their BS and deeply affect communities Also hookers probably have better hygiene vs your neck beard

  16. We were in SLU and every time he found a syringe he’d call 911…finally the police had to knock on his door and threaten him with arrest. Which is very post modern

  17. Sorry you had to deal with that. I’d probably be in jail.

  18. Around the corner from me was a building that did this. So affected drivers/parkers started pushing them in front of the building driveway. Or, into the street. And after a second time, the building stopped doing it.

  19. They can zone the parking area to restrict parking during pick up days. I literally asked them if they’d allow me to help them change the zoning.

  20. There are two buildings near me that have signs saying on "X Day between X AM - X PM". Strictly for trash pick up. As where their dumpsters are, are on a street with parking. For both buildings the sign covers two parking spaces. So on trash day those two spaces need to be empty.

  21. Like them or not, SOBs were durable. I still wish I had mine.

  22. 5 bucks at the surplus store my man. Just replace the lightbulb with an LED

  23. The surplus store around me has been picked clean of any valuable tactical gear

  24. The best IMO is cruising on sunset, late summer nights, no traffic, windows half way down, and listing to your favorite music. Hits different

  25. You work in tech? It is incredibly easy to find out who people are on any kind of social media even 'aNoNyMoUs' ones like this place.

  26. Literally no one gives a fuck. It’s easier for them to request that a comment be deleted on Glassdoor.

  27. Same issue. I had gear retracting, air brakes deployed during a dog fight, radar on and off. Now I use voice attack. Complete game changer.

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