1. I've been shedding since December lmao. Honestly it's wreaked havoc on my hair. Hopefully it's just growth from here on out

  2. Wait you're on topical fin, did you stay above baseline while shedding?

  3. They are not a real couple people on YouTube only allow you to see so much, who knows what the hell goes on beyond closed doors

  4. You take .5mg orally 3 days a week and have side effects but none from topical daily?

  5. I quit taking it orally the stuff gives me bad ED, that takes about 2 weeks to resolve "it's scary" but no sides at all with topical compounded with 3 other drugs

  6. I know a ton of people that used it, you really think a $5 dollar bottle of shampoo can help hair loss? I got some ocean front property for sale real cheap just send a retainer

  7. I believe it’s more a scalp cleanser, which helps the other things do their job better. I don’t think anyone believes that a dandruft shampoo solves balding😂

  8. I think you're wrong people swear by that crap, Walgreens said they can't keep it on the shelf 😅

  9. I’m on 2.5mg last 6 months after switching from topical, feel like I may need to bump the dose up. Not really noticing much difference

  10. Voices in my head says I need choices in my bed ""ahhhh get out my fucking head" I already got a bad bitch, guess you can say I'm early 2000 Brad Pitt

  11. Dude i don't care what these people are saying, i swear I'm seeing regrowth on topical fin in a 3 week period

  12. How long do these sheds last, and if you use it with minoxidil is it a double shed?? This shit is so stressful I swear

  13. Sides are real, but it always makes me wonder even out of the 2% or whatever number of people who have skewed that percentage by just thinking about it

  14. Although I think that 2% number is much higher, I do agree that some people "dream up" the sides, but sadly in my case they were very real and it pisses me off because I tried 3 times to make it work, I would try a fourth time but I hear the stories about permanent side and don't want to roll the dice. So I guess I'll try topical. But if you don't get sides consider yourself extremely lucky! Cause damn dude I wish I didn't have them

  15. That's sad to hear you can't take fin because of the sides, I wouldn't believe the permanent sides stories though unless it's the extremely rare case of breast development. What problems did you face?

  16. I had no erection "that finally came back" but no libido for about 3 weeks, i mean zero none, but i have tropical fin with this stuff called latanoprost look into it...they say it works great, I'm just waiting on this libido to come back before i jump on topical

  17. You're saying I'm bullshitting? I can point you to my posts on baldtruthtalk and propeciahelp if you want. What could I possibly serve to gain from making that up?

  18. Sorry dude but I'm not buying the whole post fin thing, and you haven't lost hair and you been off 8 years!!! Sounds like fin is a miracle drug if you ask me

  19. If that's the only thing you want to fixate on. I haven't lost hair because my body doesn't respond to androgens anymore. I've tried TRT. Got my test up to 900 and still nothing. I don't understand what anyone would have to gain from what you're insinuating. It's just a nasty thing to accuse people who have suffered a lot.

  20. Well I apologize if you're really suffering dude, but that's pretty bad ass that you'll probably never go bald!!! I'm starting fin and if I get post fin I hope I have the same sides as you!!! That's bad ass!!! You don't realize how lucky you are....dude you will die with hair!!! Give me your post fin symptoms any day!!!

  21. I used topical fin/min and had gnarly sides. My penis still gets hard and can function, but the base of my penis is super weak and unstable with erections.

  22. I work as a Data Scientist and had to take 4 months off after developing PFS (used finasteride for a week). My cognitive dysfunction was pretty bad at one point. Luckily has pretty much resolved and work is fine atm.

  23. Dude you only took a couple of pills.... it's all in your head man

  24. So I'm starting to shed on topical, did you have any kind of shed, mine is compounded with minoxidil 10

  25. I’ve heard a lot of people start to shed even more for the first few weeks. I’m not sure if I did (for my own sanity I was trying not to pay too much attention to it lol) but I’m pretty sure it’s normal. Not an expert though.

  26. Honestly great. At this point I’m seeing minimal to no shedding or hair falling out. I’d even say I’m seeing mild regrowth in the front and a little regrowth starting in the back (where I have the most noticeable loss)

  27. Great I'm glad it's working for you, I hope I have good luck also, because my sides on oral are horrible but I get mine from a pharmacy it has biotin and this drug called latanoprost and I swear I think I'm already getting regrowth, after a month, oh and it has minoxidil 10 in it, I'd never heard of latanoprost not that much info on it

  28. This is really promising- I’m using the topical spray from hims as well. Was using the 2x a day spray since Jan and have been on the 1x a day spray since June. So far I haven’t noticed much regrowth but have noticed a lot less shedding. Have been considering switching my routine but I think I’ll stay the course as my hair looks very similar to how yours looked before. I’ll prob give it another 6 months

  29. I started a Rx topical with min/fin/latanoprost/keto and combined with 1.25 ED oral minox I’ve had fantastic regrowth in the last 4 months.

  30. Yeah if this product is effective for me I will definitely leave some progress photos of before and after! 😊

  31. Nice man i just got on topical fin in July but had to take some break cause of scalp irritation. That was my only side effect. Do u get scalp irritation ? What kind of topical fin+min do u use ? I use Happy head brand its suppose to have aloe mixed in to help with irritation and its .25% fin and 8% min and has retinoic acid which helps wit absorption

  32. There have been studies that compare topical finasteride vs oral finasteride for 6 months, their efficacy was similar. However they were nw3+

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