1. If you had jaw surgery by a skilled doctor you already achieve the ideal jaw position. You dont need even bother with this sub.

  2. Oh yes, I just posted a comment explaining why I think people are confused thinking you are warm and you say here that orange doesn’t work for you - which is exactly what I guessed. I believe you have cool toned olive skin. I have that kind of skin tone. Orange is our worst color but we can pull off yellow better than other winters. Still I believe you are probably a winter, especially because you’ve gotten feedback in real life that winter colors suit you best. I think you should try a really rich baby blue, a muted navy blue and a placid soft blue that’s not too light. Try orange and brown too just to make sure you aren’t warm which is what I suspect.

  3. Every winter have olive skin ? I thought olive was rare but I read this more often than anything else.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks its a smudge of poop from changing the baby? I didn't notice it in the other scenes this Sim is in, but I also haven't looked super close.

  5. They mention a cinema and water park, but I’m concerned it’s going to be like the HS/carnival area where it’s only that specific lot and a rabbit hole. If they were adding a customizable water park where are the water slides, life guard stands, etc.

  6. From the trailer I think the cinema is just a rabbit hole. The game already have that movie hangout stuff pack. They wouldnt put a similar functionality in a different pack.

  7. I think these are just fake buildings but I wish this new city include new apartments even if it was like the ones we already have in San myshauno.

  8. San sequoia. It will came in the next expansion pack growing together.

  9. Lol you might be crazy but can’t be as bad as me. I do think I look great in some autumn colors while others wash me out. And I feel like blues are my best color and someone else thought I looked good in the blue workout gear.

  10. Sometimes people like the sharp color contrast agaisnt the skin. Is not unusual to read coments about summer people (low contrast) saying they like to wear black despite this being their worst color acordint to the system guidelines.

  11. His cheekbones are higher, chin is a bit more forward, there's a lot of change imo

  12. His cheeckbones arent higher he just have less fat in the buccal fat area. Assuming he is in the gym he probably lost body fat and gained muscles.

  13. I ve made a ton of screenshots (cant post here obviously) and even on the videos the size varies greatly from almost knee length (some pics) to just about normal average length (on a 18+ twitter video with a rubber toy activity and his tool on 100% …capacity). Idk why it varies so greatly, I guess angles matters, but PS is definitely often in place.

  14. Maybe editing ? maybe he was using a fake longer one in these videos ?

  15. No, fur coats (including faux fur like here) are clearly Diva Chic, so SD. In fact, I believe Naomi is a skinny SD because she looks feminine and pretty and not like a linebacker. /jk

  16. I thought she was FN. I read this in the other kibbe sub. She pull of this fur coat so well.

  17. That’s not wiDtH sweaty, she’s serving T silhouette ! Look at the SOFTLY✨dramatic✨coat and the sharp🔪 kitty cat fangs. She’s all DIVA. Pretty icons aren’t allowed to be FNs. It’s not allowed. Look it up in the bible of Kibble! Enlighten yourself!

  18. We definitly get habits from our parentes. I grew up with my parents complaning about their weight, their fat on the gut. They eat little food then spend a lot of time without eating.

  19. just light coming from the left casting shadows on the right.

  20. I think is funny you guys says "men can get away with big noses" or "woman can pull if off a small chin".

  21. do someone know why there are 2 types of hollow cheeks? i think it’s because of the widness of the cheekbones but i’m not sure

  22. Its the same thing. Here I reproduce the two light setting in the same 3d model.

  23. In the very first tiktok the article posts the girl gets multiple procedures to dissolve her filler and then goes right back and gets a small "more natural" filler!

  24. She probably still like the look of the filler. I think its fine when the filler is subtle. She dissolved because its was looking very duck like.

  25. How long does it take to see any visible progress?

  26. By the way cardio is not the best way to lose fat. Do exercises to build muscle, like lifting in the gym, the more muscle you have the more you body consume those calories.

  27. This is a model trait. I’ve worked Fashion week in New York. Maybe consider finding a way to accept it. It’s a highly desired facial aesthetic trait!

  28. Maybe some people dont mind it but is a strecth to call it a "highly desired facial aesthetic trait". I hear more jokes about butt chin than "look that beautiful chin dimple"

  29. I think these sorts of posts are so fun, though obviously there were different silhouettes within each decade (especially after 1960 or so, I’d argue pre-1950s was more homogeneous), I understand these are based on the silhouette the decade is most known for. Anywho, I’d extend slide 5 to apply 1930s to SC and 1940s to DC if indeed we want to say the classics belong there. I find those decades are often conflated despite being very different style-wise.

  30. I just know the overall vibes of each family and dont know much about the difference between SC and DC but I think you are right.

  31. I mean I mostly agree with the sentiment that dresses and skirts of the 90s are very D (no wonder that looked good on young me). I wouldn't say pants silhouettes were unless we are talking late 90s when things became pretty sleek, early/mid-90s pants were pretty voluminous, as is the fashion now, so not so D shaped. However you did us Ds dirty with that photo, I thought only the Ns get potato sacks.

  32. I had a silhoute in mind and that dress was the closest I could find in a quick search.

  33. Oh no I'm sorry for bringing Tom Cruise into this safe space lol he's actually an SN and Ben Stiller an FG there was just an old comedy sketch about Ben trying to copy Tom Cruise in everything

  34. I thought Ben stiller was tall. I think i was confusing him with Ben afleck.

  35. This is not a chin implant. Because of the vertical growth this has to either be jaw surgery or genioplasty. Chin implants only move your lower third forward, they don't usually have much of an impact from the front view.

  36. I think is jaw surgery and chin genioplasty. His chin used to be very short before. He also probably lost some weight because of the liquid diet because of the surgery. Plus a different haircut make him look like a different person.

  37. this haircut is called a shag/soft mullet- look up some google pics from different angles you like and stop assuming that hair stylists are nerds that know who this is - nobody here knows who this is let alone the person cutting your hair cares. Stop being insecure about your hair and get something people find hot. Got my hair cut more aggressively than this and I get nothing but compliments.

  38. When I think about malefashionadvice sub I think about people dressed like you. It look modern and stand out but in "look at me" way. It look effortless but also put together in a casual way.

  39. Large rounded forehead, big round eyes, round face shape and full cheeks, small nose with lower nose bridge (button nose), etc. Aka, the cute features you typically see in babies.

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