1. “…Needless to say, the [Republican] Party broke up.”

  2. First of all, please check by going to the song details whether the song shows Release Date info.

  3. Just venting here but Apple’s handling of Release Date metadata is inexplicable and maddening, especially now that the API exposes an actual calendar date (last time I looked, years ago, it only let you get the Year). IMO the fact that a release date that’s visible in iTunes isn’t associated with the track when it’s synced over to the device should be treated as a bug, straight-up.

  4. Yeah, it’s crazy and not at all straightforward to update the release date metadata for your music. Since I am subscribed to Apple Music I don’t normally have to deal with this so I don’t have that much experience on how to successfully write this in a way that it syncs but I sure have tried to do it and one thing is that there’s a special tag that it needs it’s called RELEASETIME, and not all metadata editors have it built in, but I think there’s one editor on the macOS called

  5. I did some digging today and from what I’m seeing, there isn’t any way to get Release Date data for your own tracks into your on-device library.

  6. It’s worth checking out what everyone else on your team has loaded, so you can switch gear to match them if you’re the odd one out on something.

  7. Bro wtf is up with the criminal apologists on this sub when tf did people actually stop hating criminals.

  8. Oddly, plenty of folks are able to get through life without having someone to hate.

  9. Lordy. There were 5 Sarah's in my college courses. Two of us had the same first hyphenated name even. In a dire need to sort us out, I was dubbed "5 name Sarah" due to hyphenated given and surnames. It was just plain easier on my profs.

  10. I would have suggested Penny. Short for Pentasarah.

  11. I’m 100% with you on this. I still have one in Octo Expansion I haven’t managed to clear.

  12. The caduceus pin was likely produced for the 65th Anniversary of an “R Memorial Hospital”. You could probably figure out which one by identifying appropriately-named hospitals founded in 1899, then searching online for items tied to that institution. (E.g. Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Virginia was founded in the right year but I couldn’t find any examples of them using a logo stylized in that particular way.)

  13. Something something vomit something something FROM the airport carpet!

  14. I know the reporters don’t write the headlines but I’m still gonna call it out as clickbait bullshit. There’s nothing “secret” about the location—every single auction listing on govdeals shows where the item is located, so you know where you’ll have to go to collect it if you win (hello New 3DS XL I picked up at 671 S Jason).

  15. NTA, but I guess your Costco doesn’t have self-checkout yet?

  16. (BTW I would still do terrible things to own one of the IRL clerk aprons)

  17. That’s a pretty good idea, we do have a toilet near the kitchen, would that be loud enough though to trigger our alarm?

  18. Unlikely, and it wouldn’t happen with the water supply to the house turned off.

  19. He’s not, though. The plates look random but the plate-collecting community figured out that the values are algorithmically-generated. AZDOT just calls them “random” in their publicity materials because it’s easier than trying to explain the difference between “random” and “generated algorithmically in a random-appearing but predictable sequence.”

  20. Learning how to distinguish someone asking for advice from someone asking for empathy is a key adulting skill that many people could stand to spend more time on. YTA.

  21. You can choose to do whatever you like. I'd think on family vacations, just to avoid this nonsense that stresses out an entire family, better not to post ANY pictures. I am sure your daughter will understand. She can Snapchat with her friends if she must show them, but on FB or IG frankly - her desire to post them doesn't outweigh the family's stress (and presumably multiple explanations) when you have MIL, SIL, BIL and a friend of yours all contacting you, multiple times.

  22. For the daughter, the photos are likely part of the fun of the trip. It’s the MIL’s behavior that’s aberrant, not hers, and expecting the daughter to not share pics in order to keep the peace with the MIL gives the MIL control of the situation…without her even having to be involved in the first place!

  23. NTA for not wanting to go, though you’re probably going to have to either humor them or learn to live with the punishments (which you don’t deserve in any meaningful sense, though convincing your parents of that is, I’m guessing, a lost cause) until you can get out of the house and onto your own two feet.

  24. But that's exactly my point. Why would you be offended by "nerd" when I clearly am one as well?

  25. “Nerd” is an insult that borders on being a slur. Using it is risky. You found out that some people are genuinely offended by it, regardless of context. But instead of learning from that and moving on you’re trying to find reasons why your using it should have been OK.

  26. Shouldn't I be advised beforehand of what words they don't like so that these things don't happen? Cause I don't have the foresight to predict what offends people at this point. I don't see how it's my fault that nerd offends them when it's one of the terms gamers, like myself, have reclaimed over the years.

  27. Look, the underlying problem here isn’t that you said the word. The underlying problem here is that you offended somebody, they told you they were offended, and instead of apologizing, taking it as a lesson that not everyone is OK being on the receiving end of a reclaimed slur, and moving on, you’re spending all this energy on making it about you and how wronged you are by their taking offense and generally trying to find a way to not be the bad guy. Stop doing that.

  28. I love tubular bells! I like the complete instrumentation, but the edit they did for the Exorcist soundtrack was amazing too! Listening to the Red Weed on Spotify right now, can't wait to check out Silent Hill (which I also have yet to play, it's always been on my list but I never got to it. Did watch the first movie though!)

  29. There’s always Goblin, who’re known for their Italian horror soundtracks, and who I’ve always thought sounded like Mike Oldfield on Thorazine.

  30. Oh, I love Goblin! Their Suspiria work was really amazing, but I haven't checked out Thorazine. Going to get set out and check that one out!

  31. Lol no by “sounds like Mike Oldfield on Thorazine” I meant “their music sounds like music Mike Oldfield would make if he were on a heavy regimen of antipsychotic medication”.

  32. Ur kidding right? Bruh I realy thought that this was a real thing. Bruuuh.

  33. It’s a “list”, not an actual movie entry.

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