1. Oh man. this gets me a bit worked up and I am not even in the relationship. I drive a truck, own a very nice house outright, did 20 years as a Marine a lot of which was as a Special operations operator with multiple combat tours and later worked for an intel agency and did security for 2 presidents. I would say I have all the manly boxes check, at least on paper. My ex-wife still cheated on me on two separate occasions. My point is, there is never a good reason to ask your wife why she cheated on you, what she hears is, please tell me why this is my fault. In my case it was because I travelled for work. If I would have been at home all the time it would be because she wants someone who is worldly and travels . Don't make the mistake I made and stick around for cheating part Deux. I tried that and I found myself getting a bit passive aggressive at times, especially when a couple of weeks go by, you try to initiate intimacy and she is not in the mood. first thought is, oh...,mister manly truck driver is able to sleep with you with zero effort. I on the other hand am watching the kids, and all the other tasks you listed you take care of for her and your family and then getting that look like you just asked her to repaint the entire house when you ask for sex. to quote Sophie Schholl " AN END IN TERROR IS PREFERABLE TO TERROR WITHOUT END" Good luck brother .HOOAH!

  2. Unfortunately I already stuck around for cheating part deux. Happened about six months after the first. And - I'm sure you'll be shocked to find out - once again, it was my fault.

  3. Same guy or someone different? hoping the blow is not as bad with the same guy. Not as bad but still in the terrible to nuclear range. I am sorry brother. I have been there. You know what you have to do. Crazy thing is, you know these guys are not going to stick around and in time she will figure out that she passed up on a good one. You will wait a while for that day, and it will come. but when it does you will want nothing to do with her, so it won't matter. I just hope you don't end up jaded like me. I am rich, retired at a very young age, got a house with every toy a man could want and have zero interest in meeting someone new. I would not consider myself newly sexist or a women hater, but I just don't trust them and tend to give a get the F away from me vibe when a female attempts to flirt or shows any interest. I just think it's all fake and I know deep down that's not a healthy perspective.

  4. should totally meet him, and when you do.. express that you really like him. and offer sex with your sister in case romance with your Ex-wife gets a bit dull. As soon as he smirks , karate kick him 25 different ways. ahhhh, actually I like your plan better. Maybe its better to just not go in :) and No , it is NOT petty. You are a man who walks on two legs, you get to make your own decisions.

  5. I have a camper sitting on my property and many friends' who stop by for a visit get excited and claim they want to crash in it during the visit. Hardly any of them make it past one day. living in a house is MUCH more comfortable. Especially when you consider the size of fridge, RV, recliner. Just space to move around in your place. The only positive thing I can think of is the social aspect of a RV park. People seem to be nice/ friendly and likely to come up to your camper and introduce themselves. My wife left me about 2 months ago. I live in a huge house with a theater room, game/arcade room, pool with slides and outdoor part, outdoor kitchen, shooting range. It's a one stop shop for everything I want to do but I have been in my house alone this whole time. I step out once every two weeks to do enough food shopping to last me as long as possible and everything else I buy through Amazon. I was lucky enough to retire at 41 but that again is another reason why it's very unlikely for me to socialize with new people. I get what I am trying to say is, RV will be a great way to make good friends but it's not usually a comfortable living situation. I have a 28 Footer and I would hate to be in there for more than an hour.

  6. If my partner was spending $36k a year on door dash, I'd not be happy either. Course, I also realize that BOTH of us could get off our asses and cook and that I should be mitigating at least 50% of that.

  7. I can tell you what else she was spending a ridiculous amount of money on that was not sitting well with me. Psychics, 2000 dollars for a sit down on one occasion and multiple 500-dollar sessions. It was about 5500 in three months which was enough for me to call the psychic up personally and i assure her I would be stopping by personally to collect the money if she were to take a single additional penny from my wife.

  8. I'm not sure that's true, I'll give it a try and get back to you.

  9. Thats why it keeps happening over and over again. People have to learn for themselves.

  10. How often do you check yourself from embarking on a vigilante mission

  11. LOL. I do legally own guns and rifles all of which have their associated SureFre suppressor.

  12. I think it would be crazy if all that space is for nothing. There are more bacteria living in our gut or on our own skin than there are human beings on the planet. What does bacteria know about the outside world? probably as much as we do about what is out in our ever-expanding universe

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