1. took me about a week to carry chambered, granted it was my then girlfriend now wife that had an issue with carrying chambered

  2. do you really need to wear a seat belt when driving to any place near by?

  3. This falls in the same category as "is the cop really going to pull you over going 66 in a 65"

  4. is it a state trooper, small town cop, or big city cop?

  5. Glock 19, if her hands aren't big enough for the grip to reach the trigger with a proper grip (my wife) go for the glock 48

  6. my wife can easily my g17 and cz shadow 2

  7. Honestly. I've carried my wife's 48 a few times, and I must say, even with the red dot, light, and comp, it feels like nothings there since it's so slim width wise. But I usually carry my glock 19x.

  8. Hey, hope I'm not too late. Wanted to mention before you shoot it to choose your aiming device wisely because SCARs eat opti-...

  9. Have you heard or do you have any experience with Riton? They seem good and stand behind their product very well.

  10. whyd you ask the same question twice

  11. Look at them water spots, don't you knowhow to dry your car? Get a sham jeeezus

  12. uscca has some laws for each state, then you can also search up laws

  13. if you have a glock holster you can try it with that

  14. Oh gotcha, makes sense then. Obviously could be from a crime. Which makes it weirder the cops didn't do shit bout it if they knew about shootings on your block..

  15. depending on the time, couldve been a cop who didnt want to get stuck on a call at end of shift

  16. a casing has a form of rim, either a protruding rim or one that has a recessed bit after the primer

  17. 10mm might also be suitable but bear spray is more effective

  18. for self defense would recommend carrying a knife and pepper spray with uv dye

  19. So a drivers license is not required for purchasing a handgun in MT? Just a proof of residence? How would they have proof of my identification? Is it through a background check?

  20. an id is still required, might need supplemental info to prove residency

  21. are you shooting supported or unsupported normally?

  22. magpul bipod is a light weight option, my ar15 in 6.5g is about 10# loaded

  23. might look at getting an oryx chassis

  24. before looking at the price, i kinda wanted one

  25. someone made a transparent suppressor it lasted a few shots

  26. maybe the first few times, but this sub was flooded with this repost when polenar dropped the video

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