1. I hereby lobby for the mouse to get a red cloak and be called Mrs. Brisby. :v

  2. Not gonna lie, kinda hard to see her as a hero after Multiverse of Madness. If she’s still around in the MCU, I’m not sure how they’ll be able to put her back on the hero path after that.

  3. Miku ($15), Miia ($5), Malty (+$10), Akeno ($15), Suu ($15), Nino, ($10), Yotsuba ($5), and Rias ($5).

  4. Can you just kill bitch after obtaining her?

  5. Probably not. I’ll probably just put a paper bag over her head. Or have Rias, Akeno, or Miia teach her a lesson.

  6. Good ship. Could’ve been great, but…yeah. :|

  7. So if we put Godzilla in Captain Marvel or any current MCU films/tv series that aren’t up to par, it would be better? :v

  8. Eri doesn’t seem the type to get into much shenanigans based on what I saw in the manga. The primary culprits seem like kanna and anya who make for a really good pair, especially in terms of safety. Though i think just seeing anya reading kanya’s thoughts would probably provide more than enough entertainment.

  9. Think less Eri getting into shenanigans and more her getting DRAGGED into shenanigans. Courtesy of her new friends here. :v

  10. Makes me think of the wrestler. Oh yeeeeeeah. 😎

  11. “-analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win-.”

  12. If they wrap up New Day’s feud with Sheamus and Holland, I imagine it would one of the latter two because of their recent feud. Otherwise, I don’t know.

  13. You are comparing someone with superpower with a normal person with some mirroring tricks up her sleeve. This isn't even fair

  14. Neopolitan is normal? Someone who has Aura and can knock Yang about and fought off JNR is normal?

  15. “-analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win-.”

  16. “-analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win-.”

  17. “-analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win-.”

  18. Mercury cause he will simply call out Emerald and Cinder for backup, Emerald has overpowered semblance and Cinder has Maiden powers & shadow hand will steal magical powers.

  19. Interesting thought, but…this is a one on one fight. :|

  20. Yes but even if Mercury defeated her, Cinder probably came there so she can suck her magical abilities. To keep her prey standstill, she will call out Emerald to mess with her mental state. After draining all of the magic powers until dried, Mercury will execute her.

  21. So they come AFTER the fight. Alright, fair enough.

  22. Scream and cry like a baby because it’s gonna f***ing kill me. ._.

  23. Oof. Had really hoped for Nora. Not too disappointing, at least. Still like Ruby. Just dang. It would’ve been a great shock for Nora to win.

  24. Voted to eliminate Ruby. Nora must be queen of the castle. But I won’t be too disappointed if Ruby pulls through. :v

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