1. I'm excited cause I usually love her music, but I got to say Fast Times is the only single I have liked😭 Really don't like the speak-singing vibe she is doing with Julia Michaels. I'm not a Julia Michaels anti cause she makes great work all the time with other artists (Disaster by Conan Gray is easily one of his best) but for some reason Skinny Dipping and Vicious do not work for me at all. I also think the production of all the songs, even Fast Times need... a push or something. Like it chorus's could just be a little bigger or go to a higher level production wise. Still have hope, but those two singles make me nervous about the overall album...

  2. Have to disagree. She thinks she is better than everyone.

  3. I used to live in utah where’s there was nothing but Mormons, coming from someone who isn’t Mormon. I would see a lot of these so called “Mormon” girls literally making out with their guy friends and drinking and wearing less than these females in the photo, and skipping seminary very very often, usually to sit in the bathroom and vape. It’s all a front in my eyes. Not all are like this, but at my middle school which was predominantly Mormon it was more this ☝️than not.

  4. I’m sure that’s a thing with the teenagers— even I used skip seminary as the Mormon Molly I was. I’m sure things like drinking and stuff happen too in some cases— some Mormon teens go through a heavy rebellious period but that group does not make up the majority of Mormon behavior. Most Mormons are very straight laced, uptight people by nature when it comes to drugs, sex, drinking, etc. For momtok ladies they should be held to a different standard though.

  5. I definitely feel like there's a big shift here recently. Maybe since the sub is getting more popular, granted i've only been here a year. It's just different recently, a lot are more.. sensitive like you guys said. I mean i really loved this sub in the beginning because we finally have a space to discuss the dirty works of hollywood, especially what they do to closeted celebs, but also all of taylor's beautiful easter eggs for her true muses and her PR stunts with the beards. But it feels like we're being made to feel shame in a sub that literally started because of "touchy" topics. 😭

  6. Enjoy your vacation guys 🌈🥳🌈🥳 you guys deserve it. And sorry for the backlash you guys got over the funeral post. Just know that the majority of us who have been here for awhile or at least a year, really respect you guys are more chill with your mod level and allow discussions even if they are controversial. You guys also always step in when shit gets too intense to lines are crossed with things like hate speech or over the top slamming, etc.

  7. Exactly, people may not like it but she uses all events for PR.

  8. thank you mods for staying strong on this and not backing down. Like people need to relaxxxxx. We can't post the Christian Sirano tiktok cause it's "outing her" (which is a reach imo) and now one singular post of Taylor at a publicly live streamed funeral is now beyond the pale. Like wtf is going on? People really in here acting like the photo's above in OP's post are not PR smh. I don't even know what to say cause if you cannot see that these very up close and crystal clear photos are an obvious pr stunt then there is no point in having discussing it further. Like how can you compare this stunt to her other obvious ones and not see it for what it is? Like the paps just were there in RH of all places and forced them visit the grave with cameras on them? cmon. Even if we don't take Taylor or her security known to rough up some paps a little when she doesn't want photo's, we are talking about KENNEDY'S here. Easily a top 3 powerful, influential, and rich family in the US. If they wanted privacy, they 100% would have gotten it.

  9. As I’ve been reflecting on this more I’m starting to think she did use the funeral as PR for a few reasons.

  10. Once she gets that oscar, I could see her doing a Ray of Light type album. Like slightly more mature pop music. But she's gonna be full old Hollywood/jazz/respectability mode until that damn oscar.

  11. Maybe. Or maybe it’s to have cover on the whole Christian Sariano and the pride dress / lover era tik tok where her essentially outs her. Like it’s iron clad evidence. Not sure it could be that though cause while it made waves in Gaylor world most ppl have no idea that happened.

  12. Someone sent me the video actually! I'm at a protest thing, but when I get home I will send it over 🫡

  13. I suppose it’s very telling that the Siriano issue did not go viral. I mean it’s basically confirming she’s queer. I was honestly expecting pure chaos, pictures of Toe getting married and so on, but instead…nothing. I personally believe Siriano would not have posted that tik tok unless Taylor’s team knew (she’s got too many lawyers to risk it). So is it Taylor that gave the go ahead and then retracted quickly, afraid of the backlash (or simply just another hairpin drop enough for us to notice)? Or is it just Siriano who was in a silly goofy mood?

  14. Am I the only one confused why more of us aren't talking about it? It kinda got buried under the whole RvW shit show, but this is actually MASSIVE and is literally a smoking gun proving not only is Taylor queer, but proves she was going to come out during Lover era. Like I feel like like we should care WAY more....

  15. I am a gaylor who is very open to almost all, the potential ships, but it always seems to come down to Dianna and Karlie lately. With this song I really do think the Kaylor evidence is stronger. Honestly whenever a song has a key phrase or lyric that refers to best friends or a friend post 1989, I think its a Karlie reference. Yes, Taylor has had a lot of famous friendships, but who was most notably her most well know best friends? Karlie and Selena. Given I don't think Taylena are romantically involved, I gotta think it's a Karlie klue.

  16. I haven’t, and I was going to read it sooner but based on what some people have revealed about the author, I decided if I do read it’s gonna have to be from a library. I want to read it cause I’m curious why Taylor loves it so much, and cause I am a sucker for a book recommendation. Especially from someone who clearly loves literature like Taylor does. Plus I feel like Reese Witherspoon also has really solid taste in book taste as well. I wanna see what all the fuss is about 👀👀

  17. Taking books out from the library do still support authors! At least that’s what I’ve been told. You can try to download the book or borrow from a friend if you can :)

  18. Oh.... How so? Cause the library buys the book online and then a physical copy-- after that point how does it support the author? Authors do not get royalties for each time the book is checked out. We would have way more rich authors is that was the case idk...

  19. It's too bad celebs never know when to hit pause on the plastic surgery. She should stop right now for a period of time, her work has been stunning, but it's entering uncanny valley territory. Ir reminds me of Ariana. Her Sweetener / TUN era made her undisputedly like one of the most beautiful women in the world. But now, even though still stunning, it looks a little off. To each their own obviously, but I wish these celebs had someone who would advise them when to pause with the surgery for a lil bit.

  20. I mean the truth really hurts, but I think it's a perfect comparison. Why is it every time we show up and give the democrats power all the bad stuff they fundraised and ran on still happens. It happened with Obama and again here. Like are they only interested in the cycle of fear-mongering, fundraising, then tweeting, or are they there to do their jobs? Cause real talk it feels like we elected a bunch of INFLUENCERS and not actual serious politicians to work on our behalf. Like it's actually insane at this point.

  21. I love how she stands for things consistently. You can tell she actually cares and gives a fuck about stuff like this. So many other artists and celebs so much more established than her never say a word. Rodrigo Supremacy 💯

  22. Yes, I find the incessant whining about whether she vocalized x or y annoying. I truly think y'all are far too wrapped up in this parasocial relationship. Go be the change you wish to see in the world & go protest, vote, donate, whatever.

  23. ... cause we cannot do both right? We cannot possibly fight for our rights and implore that highly influential people also use their message and platform to help spread the message and the movement.. Cause asking people to make a stand on a historical loss of human rights in this country (which will lead to more losses of different rights) and have some empathy even if it does not effect them is totally a parasocial relationship. Y'all just be throwing out phrases and words not knowing the context at all. This has ALWAYS been one of the cornerstones of this country to make significant change via movements since the very origins of this country.

  24. You're assuming I'm apathetic or don't understand the gravity of the situation because I don't demand that a musician sends a tweet. Stop.

  25. Those pictures were leaked by the officers she reported the abuse to. They violated her privacy and outed her when she wanted to be known as Jane Doe. You can't possibly hold this against her. And you shouldn't be shaming a single victim of abuse who decides to deal with their trauma in this way. Especially someone like Rihanna who was widely shamed and guilt tripped into removing the protective order she had against Chris & was pressured into forgiving him publicly since it was affecting his career and livelihood. Y'all seem to have very short memories. The way the public reveres her in 2022 is NOT the way they treated her in 2011-2012. At all.

  26. Exactly!!!! I am so done with revisionist history bullshit. And even IF it had happened like this person said it did (it didn’t) she is still a domestic violence victim going back to her abuser. Whose idea are you willing to bet it was to make a song and try to make Chris Brown look less bad to save his career? Who do you think had an active stake in making that happen. I’m willing to bet not hers. She lost even more public respect from people after that happened, it was a huge hit in public perception of her, she had no reason to do this other than wanting to make Chris Brown happy. Like gimme a break

  27. It’s always been gross to me that she and Chris Brown released Nobody’s Business after the whole DV event.

  28. Guys roe was overturned and I don’t know what to do about it, just want to chat with other people who are upset about it I guess. Our society is so messed up and I feel helpless

  29. My heart dropped to my stomach. At least 26 states are now making plans to ban or severely limit it. But the worst part of all? Clarence Thomas (sexual harasser and him and his wife unapologetically supported the insurrection on Jan. 6th, how does he have a job on the highest court of the land when he supported sedation and anti-democracy) literally said in his own explanation of the decision that based on their overturning of this that "we should reconsider all of this Court's substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell," meaning that gay marriage and BIRTH CONTROL ACCESS is now also on the table to be repealed. And it surely will not stop there. I know that Taylor just released music in the first time in awhile and she has stuff going on but I can't even be excited about anything because this very heavy existential dread is taking over.

  30. I am in for a revolution I just don’t even know where to start. It is absolutely absurd that Clarence is even a part of our government in any way at this point. That fact in and of itself speaks volumes about our government.

  31. I still don't get how paparazzi can sue for the celeb using candid photos of *checks notes* THEMSELVES walking on the street. I understand the photographer took the picture, but surely things like using a picture of oneself out in public is sueable. There should be exceptions, the main one being the subject themselves posting it on social media. She is not using this for an album cover or to make merch, its for instagram for fucks sake.

  32. Beyoncé is not fiercely beloved in the same way Swift is, that’s just a fact.

  33. I would go to another one... She sounds mad sus. Also side note: Maybe I shouldn't think this cause women can be massive assholes too obviously (#feminism 🤪 or whatever), but the fact this is coming from another woman is what makes this so disappointing. I'm not saying she *had* to agree with you that you have ADHD, cause she is a medical professional and has the right and the obligation to try to and be certain, but literally dismissing your concerns in the course of 5 mins? My ADHD appointment went on for at least hour and a half asking me detailed questions before she had an answer for me or suggestions. And she's simply a nurse practitioner. Where is the due diligence? Every woman knows what it's like to be spoken down to and be treated like you are crazy.

  34. I know it's like a longstanding joke by now, but this truly will be my Joker. Greta Gerwig writing (with Noah Baumbach) and directing and a high camp / concept piece on Barbie with meta commentary I am sure on Barbie and legacy as a brand, women and their roles in society and finding their path along with a STACKED cast and actual diversity efforts from Greta Gerwig? I will be in theateres at least 10 times I fear. Like I am ACTUALLY obsessed. Like I know my homegirl Florence Pugh will be in Oppenheimer and Christopher Nolan is a top 3 director for me, but this is my first priority idc (for those who don't know Nolan's next movie has the same release date as Barbie).

  35. prob it is a song that teases TS10 but didnt make it so she gave it away to a movie like she usually does to songs that didnt make it to an album ... so many thoughts

  36. Actually, it's been confirmed this song was made during the Folklore era! It was made at the same time as that album according to Reese Witherspoon, who was the executive producer over the project. So expect Aaron and Jack to be involved to have a spooky / haunting folklore effect. I truly think TS10 will either be:

  37. 👀👀👀 do we think maybe she is a Gaylor on the dl? I've noticed she doesn't really get into Taylor's dating life like tons of others Swifite accounts do. Like she has brought them up before, but the vids I've seen it's always in passing if mentioned at all. She doesn't deeply opine about the ex's which I really like, but now am wondering if it is intentional for a different reason altogether 👀👀👀👀

  38. Yes, guys, there's obviously always a paparazzi in the middle of the sea waiting for Toe to show up. This is incredibly obvious and fake. And Taylor is looking at the camera on two occasions

  39. lol these photos of them kissing are about as clear as the kissgate photos

  40. I know, that's why I'm so shook 💀 But peeps here are saying it came from Backgrid, an agency known for working with celebs to fake things for the camera's. Who knows maybe they started putting more effort into things now? idk🤷🏾‍♀️

  41. I hate to be *that* person, but I can 100% confirm that the lie detector is bs. They change the reaction to be what the star approves of. One of my school friends internshipped on the post team for VF. They film the graph and get several different reactions for options, they even have some pre-saved. That's not to say *all* the reactions are faked on the graphs, but it is 100% possible and or likely if the star wants a certain reaction it will be implemented. In fact, I am pretty sure some influencers have come out and said this specifically a while ago. One of those paul brothers or whatever. Also fairly certain all the questions are pre-approved. It creates this fake sense of viewers getting an inside scoop or watching their favs be asked uncomfortable questions, but really it's not. The entertainment industry is all about entertaining you guys, on their terms. Again, sorry to party pooper 🙃😔

  42. The divorce era has made me realize just how influential Kanye was on wardrobe.... And honestly just everything in general. Like even when he had her looking crazy it was not on a consistent basis and it at least looked fashiony. Now it just tacky all the time and constant bad business and PR moves. Like what the helllllll. I can't fucking stand the dude but holy shit did he keep the Kardashians trendy and culturally affluent. The girls (kim specifically) are a MESS right now.

  43. Ciara and future. Right after she left that toxic mess and got with Russel Wilson offically she leveled the fuck up. So much so that Future is bitter and always in his feelings despite him being the reason Ciara and him broke of the engagement. She seems really happy with Russell and he seems to be an actual good man and even takes care of Ciara’s and futures son like it’s his own despite all the hurt and bullshit that happened. He’s a bit too religious for me personally, but he obviously is a fantastic man and is goals on what to look for in a partner.

  44. I keep mentioning this because of how baffling it was. Literally an open wide layup that was missed. Nasty by Ariana Grande had leaked months before Positions came out and had everyone on their heels. Her stans, people who didn’t listen to her, R&B fans and people who weren’t familiar with her work were all interested in that record. You would think the obvious decision is to make that the lead single, eat off that for a little bit, get some new fans and maybe jump in a higher tier of stardom. It’s what Jack Harlow did with First Class. I just don’t understand the reasoning of leaving it as a deep cut. Plus this was slightly before the era of random shit going viral on TikTok so there was now way it was gonna reach the audience who it needed to reach. And this is why to most people outside of her fans she remains the bubblegum pop artist who acts like a child and blackfishes. That song could’ve changed narratives, got her more fans and did a solid boost for her career.

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