1. Yes, they still have trials of the gods. Those should popup as a quest when they are active.

  2. Actually can't say for sure, as they just popped up into my quest log automatically.

  3. Where are you buying these gift cards?

  4. I have a cobra - it was my grandfathers service revolver when he worked homicide. How do you tell if it’s a gen 2?

  5. There are three gens of cobra's, I highly doubt your grandfather had the 3rd gen because that's modern 2010s and is chrome.Just look up 1st gen or 2nd gen, and mine looks exactly like the 2nd gen

  6. Assault is a crime that involves causing a victim to apprehend violence. The term is often confused with battery, which involves physical contact. Just causing fear of injury (as the Gov' did) is assault.

  7. Mix it up a bit, get a uberti walker no conversion kit, get a 500 magnum no barrel (full recoil is for MEN)

  8. I mean like is it like other games where you can buy in game currency and how much you would get from buying it with real money like what are the "levels" kinda

  9. Asking for upvotes is against intergalactic law

  10. Can you buy from specific brands like Chevrolet because one of the main cars I want is a El Camino and a Pontiac firebird

  11. There aren't seperate brand stores or anything bit yes Chevrolet and Pontiac have cars in the game. The El camino is there as are the 77 and 87 trans ams.

  12. Where are you out of? If you are near central NH I have a shop you are welcome to come poke your head in and check it out.

  13. When you get to high school take all the shop classes you can .

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