1. The Flash runs too fast and alters something in time or someone with super strength throws a reality altering punch. It’s pretty easy to explain a retcon.

  2. DC has a vested interest in keeping Jon as an adult so I don't think that's gonna happen.

  3. Godzilla Earth. He literally killed every other kaiju on Earth just to take over the planet.

  4. I mean sure, but that sounds a lot like a cop out so the producers wouldnt have to animate anything interesting happening in the show.

  5. Don't get me wrong. I was very disappointed by the anime trilogy. I felt like the people who made this trilogy put the least amount of effort into making an interesting story with relatable characters and never felt like going the distance to deliver the best story they could make.

  6. If killing an innocent monster can save countless lives I say do it. Its the only logical choice from the humans perspective.

  7. I think the humans from the Showa era made the right choice in giving Godzilla and his fellow kaiju a piece of land where they can live in instead of building weapons of mass destruction to kill just a bunch of oversized animals. Yes, kaiju are dangerous, but they're technically members of endangered species.

  8. Darkseid. He can match Superman on a physical level and is the ruler of his own kingdom.

  9. I mean he is, but with the events of GvK and how he was in that movie, a lot of normies are now under the impression that Godzilla is the new evil. No joke...

  10. Turning Godzilla into a villain in a story that has, for the most part, portrayed him as a hero would require a lot of character development. You can't just say "Godzilla is a bad guy" now and expect people to just accept it.

  11. Well, I'm not exactly familiar with the whole thing, as it mostly affects the RPG titles (which I'm not too familiar with either), but basically, the "Mario Mandate" is this fan-given name to a series of rules that Nintendo higher-ups have issued out in recent years, saying things like "only certain characters or species can be used for this game" or "character designs can only have very minor alterations instead of major ones".

  12. Do these highly-requested characters actually have any kind of role to play in Paper Mario or people simply want them to show up in these games because they're staple characters in the greater Mario franchise?

  13. Well, there you have it. If you want to include a character to a story, you need to come up with a good reason as to why the character would be there. You can't just include him for the sake of including him and expect people to just accept it.

  14. I've always pictured Mario as the kind of guy who would go out of their way to save as many as he could and would never leave anyone behind.

  15. I know he does that, but tbh, I think he would be somewhat annoyed too when he finds a Toad in the 7th castle

  16. Why would he be annoyed at saving an innocent person? I'd understand if Mario got annoyed at yet another Toad telling him a billionth time that the princess is in another castle, but it would be awful for Mario to get annoyed at having to save a kidnapped victim. That's not something a hero would do.

  17. The problem with Dead or Alive as whole is that it has been stretching its story for several years and there is no clear payoff in sight. Yes, I get that people play fighting games for the gameplay, not a deep, complex storyline, but promises that get stretched out for several years and have no clear payoff in sight do wear out.

  18. It had those things yes, but it did not have Godzilla dancing in celebration or throwing up peace signs or flying balled up using his atomic breath, or double drop kicking from forever away while sliding on his tail, or Godzillas Revenge…

  19. I feel that both the Showa movies and the Heisei movies are simply products of their time. Besides, just because you like one particular series doesn't mean you can't like the other.

  20. Here it is for anyone who hasn't gotten to see it yet

  21. I actually first came to know her in Danmachi as Ais Wallenstei.

  22. Both stories are great but I think I'm gonna go with All-Star. It's a nice tribute to Superman's entire history, it has a nice love story and can be enjoyed by both long-time fans and newcomers.

  23. Aside from the moral issues that experimenting with a living man's body would raise, humans are known for abusing and misusing their resources. Let's say that humans are capable of harnessing unlimited energy thanks to whatever discoveries and inventions are made from experimenting with Kryptonian physiology. What happens next?

  24. You'd be surprised by how many people unironically want Superman to be the most powerful character in the DC Universe because... uh, they don't want to see their childhood hero lose a fight to some random villain, even though a defeat would enhance the story and give Superman the chance for character development.

  25. The black T-shirt with the jeans. It just feels more natural and practical than a suit with sunglasses and a leather jacket.

  26. I already wrote a post in which I express my opinions for this particular Superman. You can check them out right

  27. One of my big problems with Snyders Superman is that he's portrayed as "the supreme being who just arrived on earth and is trying to fit in". That's a good fit for Martian Manhunter but Superman grew up on earth, he doesn’t need to try to fit in. He wouldn't distance himself from the people.

  28. That might work for the Supermen portrayed by Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tom Welling or Tyler Hoechlin but this particular Superman has been alienated his whole life because he is scared that, by unleashing his powers, he might hurt someone. This has context. He once pushed a bus out of a river and a bully wanted to pick a fight with him because... what? His masculinity got threatened?

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