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  1. I think the end of the Relictombs will be at latest during the midway point of the next volume, by then he should have completed the trials set in the 4 special ruins and honed his Aether abilities enough.

  2. I think the Relictombs will continue until near the end it's just that they can't keep doing the Relictombs so there gonna add a twist

  3. I just meant the original mission of clearing the 4 ruins, as for endgame theories I thought he would find another place with shielding against Asuras that he can use as an actual Sanctuary for when the main continents start getting blown up.

  4. Bro I think there is gonna be like 3 more books don't worry about it we have time

  5. I don't think the Legacy is needed and I am pretty sure you are right about the Relictombs thing the truth is it's tbate somebody is gonna need to die and I think it might be Cecile or Nico

  6. It's not like solo leveling but my number 1 favorite story is the beginning after the end you should really try it

  7. Boy hell nahh like not even asuras live for 1000 and 1000 of years they spend like 500 years developing there core prob more so who do you think would win in a fight? An amazingly talented "lesser" or a asura using 1 finger???? Probably the asura

  8. It's both it can only be formed for a few people but after that it's pretty much phisical

  9. Not gonna lie the neighbors get mad at me every Friday. Because I'm jumping up and down while I read the chapters 😅 it's not just me right y'all can relate..... Can't you????

  10. Because it take why you wanted in your dreams and slaps some good as art onto it and boom good fking shit is what you get so that is probably why it's popular.

  11. Bro if you take Kirito a make him a weak mf that losses everything and litterly has to save the world by himself wait scratch that, I MEAN UNIVERSE then sure you can compare it to SAO

  12. What chapter is this cause I'm caught up and I really have no memory of this happening

  13. Play doom in 8k with everything at max and the will probably get burnt alive

  14. Just saying his father and friends were murdered by said people so I don't think grey is being inhuman am I wrong because for somebody like grey who in the past tries to have no weakness and now as Arthur is vulnerable it would be impossible to be in his shoes I would have given up or committed suicide from the stress and and everything else. Like take into account his best friend Nico now hates him for something grey wasn't in control of and is incapable of saying anything because if he doesn't deni the fact that Nico has also reincarnated the he will never be able to live with himself.

  15. I think it was in book 8 chapter 30 I might be wrong

  16. na seris is gonna continue to serve art... dunno what chapter tapas is on tho, acc no wait, pretty sure tapas has reached the point where

  17. Scyth series proud of her judgement knowing letting art live was a good choice

  18. Me sitting here thinking about it and how it reminds me of some weird main character is op DRA-Dragoball z bullshit

  19. Sorry man but I gotta go and protect my virginity

  20. Arthur can probably clap 1 of the asura student’s

  21. That hurts to look at man like I get it’s a cool picture but stretching it out like that and rubbing your hand on Arthur’s face like bro do you have any morales

  22. Just gonna say this is a great time to catch up with novel

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