Chest x-ray of young girl suffering from #1 cause of death in children / adolescents in the U.S.

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  1. He's looking for someone to smoke weed with? And it's very important that you know he's STRAIGHT, because.... He's not homophobic? I'm a bit confused.

  2. He selling pot. He doesn't want a BJ from dudes as payment.

  3. Except it's not a meme and every country has at least won one irrelevant battle throughout their history, especially when aided by other belligerents and dirty fighting

  4. If they hadn't won victories they wouldn't be a country....

  5. https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/win-a-victory

  6. Your Make A Wish has arrived, when do you want to recieve it?

  7. My half asleep brain read that as "we are open for broken arm men" and I didnt see the reddit mom reference.

  8. To be fair, that’s because negative comments on personal appearance are generally pretty strongly discouraged on dating app subs.

  9. It's less aggressive to just say follow rule 1 and rule 2

  10. because it artificially inflates the numbers of incidents and because those statistics are used to push a false narrative.

  11. during a drug deal in a school parking lot on a saturday night during the summer when school is out for the season... but its a school shooting.

  12. In no other method of death do they (CDC or other organizations) measure injuries AND deaths... just in firearms. And its due to the narrative.

  13. Discussion of gun rights is a key aspect of this subreddit, that does require both sides to have a voice to have a valid discussion, even a lively debate. But also this rule comes to mind:

  14. Even if the title didn't include adolescents, removing 19 year-olds and firearms are still #1 (

  15. The thing that pisses me off about this the most is that everyone keeps focusing on the ages. 1-19 are children. The age ranges don't even matter as much as the categorization. Firearms are the number one cause of injury related death in that made up age range, but natural causes are higher. If you break natural causes down to smaller subcategories (dilute it) then firearms wins again. The data is manipulated so many ways to make that claim it's embarrassing.

  16. 0-12 are children. 13-17 are teenagers. 18 and beyond are legally adults.

  17. Probably not, being police trade ins and all. Don't think police are buying California compliant guns.

  18. I got mine a few months ago, and pulled it off the shelf, the box still has the stickers on it from 2012. Model was a 220R-45-CTSP, UPC 7 98681 44869 2

  19. I think the CTSP thing means Connecticut State Police.

  20. That means you gotta just slap a label on that says that Cali model...

  21. Maybe try reloading the printer firmware to see if that fixes it

  22. A million Korean won is about 769.00 USD, depending on the day and fluctuations

  23. "If enacted, the bill would make the licensing process for wear and carry permits more strict, prohibit an individual from knowingly wearing, carrying or transporting a firearm on private property without consent, and prohibit guns “under certain circumstances” and in “certain locations,” including courthouses, hospitals, schools and areas where alcohol is served."

  24. It also seems to shift the perspective that you need overt permission to carry on private property, that the default isn't "guns are allowed unless specifically announced" which is the norm.

  25. Query if the cookies are fish shaped, are they okay to eat?

  26. I believe Alec Baldwin is doing it this year.

  27. Unlike Alec Baldwin, Caitlin Jenner, or Oliver Stone, Gary hasn't killed anyone

  28. I like the bolt lift, but dislike that odg doesn't match the rest, so gonna 3d print one.

  29. That's most of normie reddit though. I get downvoted too but in not overally political in those subs.

  30. Someone said that approx 50% of reddit traffic is non-american, and if 1/3 of America owns guns, then given mathematical independence only 1/6th of reddit traffic is probably pro gun.

  31. The mkst recent number I saw is that only 40% of traffic is from the US, but your point remains the same.

  32. Yeah, I knew the 50 wasn't exactly right, and there are a minority of other countries and individuals who realize gun rights are important, but maybe that balances the math

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