1. Yes. China does that to save on costs. Recheck EVERYTHING. They just stick stuff together for example the axle might be too tight plus they don't grease the bearings. So to be sure you just need to start from the frame or wheels and redo everything. Never trust anything from China. It's not inspected. Have fun!

  2. An older model? There is nothing wrong with an Acer. Try and get the one you "wanted" and ordered. Don't settle for the one you didn't pick. It you go for that link that other guy put up you will be switching to Asus. If that's what you want then go for it.

  3. I do not believe there is, unfortunately. You may try leaving a review or trying to contact the developer thru the app store to see if they may have some optimizations for the app. But they may also drop support for Chrome OS.

  4. That's because those devs are lazy and didn't want to do the work to fix it, i am sure.

  5. Gee! When i put up a link to share the news like this it gets taken down by "mods".

  6. I've been using chromeos as my daily driver for a few years, I work in modelling so keep a PC for those applications. If you don't need specific applications from what you say you'll be find and dandy.

  7. OneNote is Microsoft. Google Keep does the same thing i believe. It Syncs all my notes.

  8. Got one. Love it. DO NOT skimp on the hardware. Buy at least an i3 or better/Ryzen with at least 8 GBs RAM. Stay away from those budget Chromebooks.

  9. That's really nice. I liked the Kawasaki's from that era. Lots of love into that one. Nice.

  10. When buying one make sure you check the AUE (Automatic Update Expiration). Look at those Chromebooks that can detach (i don't like those much - they seem fragile) Or like an Asus or Acer that you can flip around and put it in tablet mode. (why?)

  11. There is a button that gets you there. It's the F5 button or the one that looks like Cascading Windows. Basically it de-clutters your desktop space. That's all i see it used for.

  12. I'd rather try to figure how to use a free public wifi, it's much more convenient & free. And can be untraceable too.

  13. Not secure. Do what you want - but Public WiFi is known to not be as secure as a Private Password Protected WiFi.

  14. That has happened to me .. but it was on my phone. I rebooted it and it was all good. What if you unpaired your phone from Messages and re-paired it?

  15. You have tried connecting to a different WiFi to see if this happens on that connection?

  16. look for something that's NOT a budget Chromebook. You will be happier in the long run. Something that has at least an 11th gen i3 or better. It's wise to look for something with at least 8 GBs RAM. Don't cheat yourself.

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