1. You would hope it is but with these oversprayers you never know.

  2. I haven't seen him review scentual obsessions lately. I looked up on YouTube and his last video on them was like a year ago. Maybe they don't send him free bottles anymore.

  3. Imagine caring what other people do with their own money, and posting it online for likes. Imagine.

  4. Nobody cares what people do with their own money but in case you haven't noticed this site is about calling out shills and stupidity in the fragrance community.

  5. I don’t see any clones of the Hulk batch, so it looks like his collection is incomplete.

  6. Well, you're not really supposed to talk about hulk batch lol.

  7. The sad thing is people convince themselves doing things like this actually works lol.

  8. Idk, I might be mistaken but I've never seen him review a dua. I guess he doesn't have any kind of deal with them to shill their products.

  9. Redolessence just reviewed this on his channel, he said it's a fresh clean compliment getter. He said he usually wears Louis Vuitton, Aventus, Green Irish Tweed, Frederick Malle to the office but he would definitely wear this also lol.

  10. Oh he was bragging how zaharoff gave him a prototype box that's not going to be available to the public 🤮

  11. I hate when people in the fragrance community actually like fragrances. They must be stopped

  12. I hate when so called "reviewers" obviously shill for certain companies especially ones they are partnered with and of course always give glowing reviews to that product. No conflict of interest there.

  13. The only reason he reviewed it was because he got it for free from fragrancebuy.ca. He said in the beginning of the video they struck up a partnership so he gives it a good review and boom people buy through his links for fragrancebuy and Justin gets his commission lol.

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