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  1. I'm new, living in Cottage Living land, but decided to venture to another town for a Museum and Gym for aspiration purposes. Everyone there was sad someone died... I have no idea who, what, where. Bizarre these towns have happenings when I never stepped foot inside before. Still learning so much.

  2. Not just in Sims... IRL. I dance to songs in my head all the time. Makes life more fun and interesting. My kids used laugh at me, now they join in and say "what we listening to?" Lol. Seriously though, it'll shake a bad mood off too. Try it next time your washing dishes, or something you don't want to do. Btw, people enacting Sims is always laugh out loud funny. My husband who doesn't even play (but watches me play sometimes) cracks up with me at weirdo Sims and people acting it out. Its absurd!

  3. The front windows on the bottom floor is such a nice detail. I like your porch. The whole house looks nice but those are my personal favorite details. I've only been playing a week, hope with some practice I can make some nice houses with character. Thanks for sharing.

  4. If it is working for you and your creative process while getting ready, then it is perfect. The OCD in me is like "fix the eyelash curler" not gonna lie Lol. Besides that it looks sorted in the way in which you use the products, which is ideal. If it doesn't work for the flow of getting ready, just swap some things around. For aesthetics you could try to either corral the beauty tools, and liners in the front right, in a cup like container, or even swap them with the powders in the center area and lay them down. Thanks for sharing. Share an update pic if you make changes.

  5. That desk is really nice! I fell into the Ipsy trap too, wanting to try items affordably while I learned what I like and don't like, what looks good on me, and what skincare works. I have cancelled Ipsy and have no fomo. Realized I save more money and space watching reviews, researching and trying a smaller amount of things at a time, so I can really keep track of what is working best for me. I am purging every item and area in my house, including all beauty related items. I realized how easy it was to part with most of it to keep and focus on what I really like. Getting ready with less clutter feels so much better. I will be re-organizing what I end up with in the end and hope to share it here. I commend you, good luck on your mission. It really does feel better to love your space and love what's in your space, and keep room for your creativity. Please keep us posted.

  6. You definitely made the most of the space. That is talent, putting so much in the space and keeping it visible and accessible. So much work, planning, purging, organizing. I am currently under going the biggest purge I have ever done. Which means I will also have to replan organization once the purge is over. My goal is to fit everything into my Alex drawer unit, and have one acrylic unit for current items using, that I swap out items every couple months. So I'll have to borrow some drawer organizing skills from you to make it all fit. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A whole drawer of all colors of one lip product is my dream. Lol. So pretty. I like how you stored the brushes, looks easy to find what your looking for and grab quickly. I used to store mine just face and eye separate, now I store in a drawer so they don't get dusty but looking for another option, so that's inspo. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Storage depends on your preference. If you want them all standing up, or laying down. It also depends on if they are taller or shorter lipsticks. They make containers for both. My tip for making your getting ready process easier would be that once you see which lip liner you like with those lip shades, store them together. Everyone has a different storage style, and everyone changes up their storage multiple times until they get it right. I used to like to display a lot but dust is annoying and things can look cluttered which puts a damper on my creativity. I use Alex drawers with multiple size drawer organizers. I keep lip items together that are my tried and true pairs (sometimes even using those tiny clear hair elastics to hold them together. The rest of my lip items are sorted by type though I know some people sort by color. And people with larger collections sort by brand. Target has some good drawer organizers that aren't expensive. There are clear acrylic / plastic lipstick holders that store products standing up, and believe it or not, can even be purchased at dollar tree (can't tell the difference between those or the Amazon or the name brand ones either). I don't know if this was helpful, hope it was. Please post back here once you decided how to store it, I know we are all interested to see. Good luck.

  9. I completely agree. Great job, btw! I love organizing, and micro-organizing. I have helped many over the years, different styles, realistic, aesthetic, people who want it all on display, or hidden, kids, adults, teenagers. Before organizers came in every shape, size, color and price range I would custom make storage to match their decor or even recycle and remake cardboard boxes to look nice. I wish I could do it for a living! But I would also not mind volunteering my time to an older or disabled person. Not sure how to do that locally though. However, physically, I can't handle a serious hoard so I'm afraid if I post it locally that the requests would be for bigger jobs than I want to take on. But yes, people pay for organizers, and if you enjoy it maybe see if you can make it a side hustle. Good luck. Love the spaces. Share more in the future.

  10. You are amazing for sharing that! Thanks! Its just another reason I cancelled. They gave me perfume from 2 years ago (by then the scent changes), multiple dried out mascara (which I didn't even have to bother checking dates on), a raunchy smelling lip product and 2 expired skincare with spf (thankfully I checked or would have had a gnarly sun burn!) all in the past year. Lockdowns and supply chain issues were an excuse... But why can't they have staff clearing stock out of the warehouse in a timely manor. They could literally have warehouse clear out sales. BUT its obviously they have not been keeping a good inventory (like when they over sell items then cancel orders weeks later). Our price goes up while they hold on to excess stock past best sell by dates, and sell it to us anyway instead of tossing it... Ugh... Gross!!!

  11. I have so many points but nothing worth cashing in on, for myself. That's not surprising though. Someone said the points just stay there until they expire so maybe one month they'll have enough items worth me resubbing to get my well deserved points freebies. Until then Bon Voyage...

  12. They should fully be liable for the entire price of the purchase. Maybe if they start loosing money they will actually start making improvements on their website and warehouse. Get 'em!

  13. Yeah, maybe someone (or everyone) should email them about it... Make sure to put something anxious in the title box! Lol

  14. I have over 3400 points, unsubbed. Points are there until they expire. The trap is you must be subbed when you cash them out. $16 is too much to pay for so many issues. Trust me the Fomo fades. Ipsy putting in their Refreshment brand is a rip off. If people wanted it they could just order it, or cash in points for it, or purchase a shop deal for it. They're basically forcing it down everyone's throats for months now. So I agree. Ipsy having so many issues, then emails to sort out the issues, disappointments, product and bag substitutes, and even their website and shops having constant issues, really does take the fun out of it. That's exactly why I cancelled. But I come back here because everyone's great and I like reading product reviews so I know what to try next. Good luck with whatever you decide.

  15. Yes, the slow fade out option... Been there done that. Good luck. Don't let Fomo get you, trust me it will fade.

  16. The Fomo fades. I haven't had a paid bag in 2 months. I got sad seeing the new bag design for August but remembered how the last design I was excited for was substituted anyway. I have over 3400 points but nothing that was worth sticking around for. Ipsy has too many issues with no signs of enough self awareness to fix any of it. The list keeps growing, I mean, look at the price discrepancies and full size shop orders showing up sample size, just when I thought it couldn't get worse over there. I come back to look for people's product reviews. I hear your frustrations. But I recommend if you're frustrated to take a break. If the spoilers or emails are tempting don't look. Trust me the Fomo fades. I use my extra money saved from Ipsy on no BS shopping, pick what I want, ships in days, cash refunds for any disatisfaction. Oh, its a breeze out here in no Ipsy land Lol. Whatever you decide, good luck.

  17. Hi, I provide honest personal reviews for the products received from my glam bags. I’m not a mua, just a casual sub-box enjoyer! Today I’ll be talking about lip care products. I cycle through these three products evenly.

  18. Thanks for the reviews! As of this past month, I am no longer subbed to Ipsy anymore but I always check the reviews because people are trying so many items every month. I appreciate this. I own all 3 yet haven't reached for them yet, as I am currently using up others. I have been looking forward to trying the Kinship next. As for the many lip balms, I pass them on to my teenagers who go through them faster than I can. I'm a sharer so my items won't expire or go to waste. I give them to friends and family or resell. Wish Ipsy didn't have so many issues because I think its fun to try small versions of new items and test them. Please keep sharing reviews. I'll keep an eye out. This was very informative, love the layout, details and photo.

  19. Yeah that's the trap. The hope for a specific item in spoilers. Don't get it most of the time from what I see others saying. You are better off buying what you want exactly. Smart move waiting. I do the same, if the hype fades I move on, happy I didn't waste money. Too many Ipsy issues. Had a free bag this month and had issues but was not even worth me emailing them. Also got 600 points instead of 1800 for a referral. I don't care anymore because my 3400 points will sit their unspent as well. Everytime I cashed out points in the past they would forget to send 2 months in a row then just refund my points anyway. No more Ipsy for me, going to try Birchbox because its super customizable now. I come back here and check out reviews people post but the Fomo faded a while ago. Hope you get your lipstick. Stand string, don't get sucked back into the Ipsy hype lol

  20. Beautiful wood furniture!!! I have a desk with the same size drawers but use for school supplies which would be very different organization. Amazon has containers that hold lip products standing straight up. Same for eyeliners and lip lines, and palettes. They have acrylic dividers for compacts which I believe you can somewhat stack (maybe in order of which you use it to make it easier). Office supply stores sell containers that stack but also ones that can slide back and forth and maybe give you better access without having too remove so many layers. Good luck. Hope you share what you come up with. Would love to see it!

  21. oo I love cleaning make up.. okay, first you should take Everything out, throwing out trash, choosing what products you want to keep, and sorting. This is a good chance to weed out things you don't use, that are expired, broken, etc. Then, clean/wipe down the drawer itself, and then all the stuff you do keep. You can make little shallow organizers from cardboard boxes or leftover snack packaging, and use that to sort your stuff. Good luck!

  22. Great tips. That's all I used to use while on a tight budget. Sometimes I still use boxes in spots I can't find a container that will do the job. Contact paper or decorative tape can make it pretty. Right now, I'm loving Target's new multi packs, bendy plastic, cute colors, affordable and come in 4 different sizes. It beat the white basket type ones from Walmart that break easy.

  23. This. One more thing I would add is that Ferrero Rocher clear packaging is my go to to use as free storage tool!

  24. Oh my, I forgot about that one! I got them for Holiday present every year and used them to organize my makeup! They look like pretty crystal! Fun, I miss that. Lol

  25. This shelf has been on my Etsy wish list for so long. Love the antique bottles, I have a few too. Your set up is inspo for when I move. Been lucky to have a Beauty/Craft room but won't have one in the next place. You prove that a vanity corner can embody all the pretty vibes. Thanks for the inspo.

  26. How do we have the same magnetic palette? Lol. Super cute. Like the minimal idea. Wish I could be so neat but I'm one of those who like to display my things.

  27. Wow! That chair tied in with the rug, the cool light bringing the eye up to the select art work... You did great. Vibe check sur-passed!

  28. Nice of him really and great for you! It is always a plesure to hear that people love and care for each other! ☺️

  29. True. Agreed, probable exposure is enevitable in this day and age. But It is the FDA job. They regulate how much of toxic items they allow per product. However, this year they were exposed for raising limits, every year, rather than lowering them and demanding companies use less levels of those ingredients or alternative ingredients instead. I replaced deodorant and body wash with all natural. Since I have payed more attention to what I use, my skin has never been more clear in my life. Always had acne. Barely get one pimple every 3 months now. And it isn't because of what I'm using (I'm not using acne products) it is because of what I'm not using. Having clear, soft and smooth skin, and getting compliments from people I know (and grilled on how). That alone is worth me skipping out on some things.

  30. Exactly! Agree again on every point! I was telling the IPSY agent the other day how sorry I feel for them, taking all the resentment from us customers, while main problems in the company are in the other departments, like fulfillment. I don't know how these people keep working this job. But on that, they respond like machines, template talking ... We could go on for hours, honestly! I always suggest people to write to customer support for every issue, maybe with so many replacements and refunds they will start improving?! One can only hope!

  31. Love the inside scoop. I will check them out, especially with those improvements. Hearing Birchbox is making some changes too is cool. We will find another one with less issues so we can go back to swapping items and sharing reviews. Just good ol' sister bonding. I will be emailing Ipsy about some improvement ideas but fully expect the same copy and paste response, which may actually prove they aren't really considering our feedback after all. Some of their issues have been for years, with no over haul to fix or even acknowledged by the company that they want to improve it. Yet they want more money for the same song and dance. No thank you. Let me know if you come across any other subscription worth trying. Thank you.

  32. Does pop up ever have new items other people got in their Ipsy bag? There's some new items this month I seen and want to try.

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