1. Real acting connoisseurs acknowledge that The Big Show his performance in The Big Show Show is one of the best performances in TV history. I doubt Batista could reach that level.

  2. His gimmick is still a little plain but the potential for mic skills and in-ring ability is clearly there. He is still in the very early stages of his career, I completely see why they have high hopes for him.

  3. Dat komt inderdaad door de MyFaction kaarten en currency die gezien worden als lootboxes. Je kan dit echter makkelijk omzeilen door een tweede account te maken op je Playstation in de US regio. Daar kan je dan gewoon de Icon editie pre-orderen normaal gezien.

  4. Wel bijzonder dat ik de Icon editie wel in Nederland heb kunnen bestellen in de PlayStation Store gezien die ook zo streng zijn.

  5. Nederland heeft voor zover ik weet hun wetgeving nog niet aangepast omdat ze het via het Europese consumentenrecht willen aanpakken in plaats van nationaal. Dus daar zit het grote verschil.

  6. I mean this is the guy who said they worked really hard on 2k20 and people where gonna love it

  7. I mean it's not like they had a choice not to, there are a shit load of other people involved in higher positions. They still had to market the game.

  8. How so? If 2k23 doesn't review well and Fight Forever exceeds expectations I could totally see that benefiting AEW.

  9. WWE 2K22 did very solid. No reason to assume 2K23 won't have a similar popularity.

  10. Wish I could get this in EU. Can't find any shops selling physical copies of MLB The Show (not even 22 etc.)

  11. Great news. I truly don't see why so many people want to go with an average coach like Bosz. If we are going to settle for average we might as well give Johnny a shot and wait and see what his ceiling is. He might surprise us.

  12. This is a fucking joke. Thanks SDS for holding all next gen players hostage for this garbage.

  13. Isn't it a complete different engine altogether compared to the PS4/PS5, XB1/XBX versions?

  14. I am not even a Hp fan but from what we have seen it looks too good to be true.

  15. What about it looks too good to be true? The game isn't introducing any unimaginable innovating ideas. It's following a structure that has been popular in open world games for years now. Its biggest appeal is just the setting, people (including myself) want to explore Hogwarts in-game. That's all the devs really have to nail to make this game somewhat of a success.

  16. Wait what lol? Didn't you write like a completely normal response hours ago?

  17. The model looks great. But that crowd cheering for 2 seconds, stopping, cheering again, stopping is awful.

  18. Also a little nitpick, because I still think this looks great, but I do wonder when we will finally see realistic crowds in video games like this.

  19. Exactly, which makes me wonder when we will get to a point in gaming where it is a possibility.

  20. If I'm not mistaken it has more to do with console limitations than the devs deciding to not put the option in. Microsoft for example stopped supporting the feature after the Xbox 360. Other games like MLB The Show have also slowly stopped providing the option of importing music.

  21. Damn, I don't see this ending well for creative if Triple H wants a solo Roman/Cody singles match at Mania.

  22. I see this on here all the time but it doesn't seem to be the case for the actual crowds. They are perfectly fine separating the Cody and Sami stories, Cody is still extremely over.

  23. They had a pretty good one at Carrefour but it sold out and those that they have now are horrible.

  24. I would honestly just keep checking daily on sites like Coolblue and Bol. They have stock quite regularly lately although usually they're GOW bundles for 620 euro.

  25. Nah the story is obvious now. Sami gets screwed and Owens makes the save setting up a tag match at Mania while Roman only faces Cody.

  26. I’m so confused by this take. What more did you want from the rumbles?

  27. To be clear I think the guy you commented on has a lot of garbage takes but to answer your question, I do think the Men's RR was average at best. Definitely not as good as it gets like your question implies.

  28. Good summary. Here is where the surprises were going to be a problem. Anyone short of Austin and the Rock was going to be a disappointment. I think they knew this and figured booker is local and edge can start him WM storyline.

  29. I wouldn't have minded one or two NXT appearances like a Nathan Frazer and Seth Rollins moment or Bron getting a chance to show himself again. Something like that could have been nice, but I also get that they sometimes prefer to go with an older legend just for the casual viewers. Overall I'd agree with you. I think it was a safe way to book the RR. Nothing less, nothing more.

  30. Roman his true colors are so complex as well. Like I am not so sure that he used Sami, he genuinely let him into the family and also gave him multiple chances to prove himself.

  31. I'm team Sami all the way but you are just objectively wrong. A lot of people care about Cody, hell he sells insane amounts of merch and the crowd popped for his win. Saying nobody gives a fuck is a weird way to generalize your own opinion.

  32. Are there any other replays of Kofis elimination? Cole said he still had his foot up and then it was never mentioned again. No replays were shown it seems

  33. I think Cole initially tried to play it off but then they just accepted that he botched the spot and it was going to be obvious both feet touched the ground. He also likely got hurt so no point in putting him back in the ring.

  34. Your crowd needs to be send home talking about what just happened and being entertained. You do not need a happy ending for that. No outsider had any business being involved in this storyline.

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