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  1. I hope he’s paying for the electricity bill.

  2. It’s karma when his neck and head catches that corner.

  3. It’s practice but he’s like two seconds from getting “sacked”. Looked like good decision making to me.

  4. This conspiracy theory was always ridiculous. As if after all the politics, the new regime would just listen to Vince's orders from his home. Vince is now just Stephanie's old father, he has no real creative power in WWE. There's absolutely no reason for Stephanie and Triple H needing to make Vince their shadow leader now that they finally have control of the company. Like, what's even the point of playing Succession Wars if a retired man has control over the CEO and head of creative?

  5. If she was still in her CBO role and someone else was running creative, I could see him trying to whisper his influence but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just genuinely happy his kid can still run the company after the shitshow he’s pulled. He got out good all things considered.

  6. Maybe that’s what Vince wants you to think!

  7. I really enjoyed the game. But I think it drags when you’re trying to reveal every point on the flow chart.

  8. It shows, he’s a terrible actor. Just happens to be a good Jesse.

  9. Fuck Dan Schneider. He’s been doing this shit since the 90s and they allowed it.

  10. So the Lakers make out like bandits? Why are trades always treating the Lakers like royalty.

  11. If they give 2 picks to get fournier and rose it’s not really getting out of anything since westbrook ends next summer

  12. If they really do give up more than one pick, I’ll redact my statement. lol

  13. Crazy how easy it will be to make these good faith changes. Vince was literally the opposite of every aspect of professional wrestling.

  14. Really loved that game. Looking forward to this.

  15. Tragic but she should have known better.

  16. These tv execs are wising up as well. They thought if they launched a streaming platform people will sub indefinitely. Netflix showed that’s not the case, that there is a ceiling and when you fall, it’s drastic. They’re just trying to soften the blow.

  17. I've never seen college football in my whole life. I am from Europe.

  18. In that case, the name is real and there are even more ridiculous ones out there.

  19. Most of you never seen people make crepes?

  20. I guess not. I happen to go to a cafe that makes crepes regularly but maybe that’s really unusual across the world.

  21. On brand for AEW to harken to a past that doesn’t belong to them.

  22. there was a spot in the seth/ford match that was clearly them planning out stuff where they did the over the top rope suplex spot there was a solid 10 seconds where they basically just stood there not really trying to lift each other or anything.

  23. Yeah, spot calling constantly has its downsides.

  24. Okay, you drive a hard bargain, Dolan will disband JD & The Straight Shot.

  25. You guys are surprised when someone doesn’t throw a person they knew for practically their entire life under a bus?

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