1. Good for you. I have a middle school golfer that just missed being the 5th man for the district by 2 shots. Keep at it. Are you from TN?

  2. We'll be over your way in a couple of months at the Tech course for the Sneds tour.

  3. Your backswing almost hits that pom on your beanie. Ever swing so hard it knocks your hat off?

  4. How’d lefty do? Was he happy with the result?

  5. He played decent. Driver is perfect, hybrids are real good, irons are ok, chipping is decent and putting is bad. First time playing the course and they had Zoyza fairways instead of dormant Bermuda. Shot 48 with 2 balls in water. Thanks for asking

  6. Hey, Gettysvue! I grew up playing there!

  7. Holy shit you're son has a decent swing.

  8. I wasn't at this lesson but he told me what they worked on. He moved him away from the ball more, turning the hips more and keeping his weight in the toes not the heels. He goes back for another lesson next week

  9. I'll check it out. I go to wrx to look at regional golf course reviews

  10. That’s awesome, glad the lil man stuck it out in the cold weather and good luck on the next 2 days. Out of random curiosity do you know the low score of the day?

  11. At my high school, we usually had to shoot in the 70s on a ~6900y championship course to make the varsity team. I’m curious where you live?

  12. Is there a JV team? Obviously good for him for making varsity, just wondering if he's going to get to play with his friends. I know that when I played highschool sports, some of my most fun was because of the people

  13. Yes there is a JV team. The coaches will play the kids that are playing good. They also stressed attitude too.

  14. Lmao I can't stop watching the little dance the right knee does in the backswing.

  15. Thanks for the kind words. He works hard at it. Still a ways to go. He'll be 13 in a few weeks.

  16. I used to have Playboy magazines. I'd use them to throw my playing partners game off.

  17. I don’t know why this question gets asked weekly in this sub.

  18. I don't patrol this sub to know if this question has been asked before. I just witnessed it the other day and just asked the question. Sorry if it bugs you.

  19. No but I've looked into that place. This place is in Kingston/Oak Ridge TN.

  20. You must not be a golfer. Making a par putt that was actually harder than the birdie was impressive for him.

  21. You need to show the missed par putt and the meltdown after. Rollercoaster of emotions.

  22. My original thought was movies like Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter and movie series like that didn't count.

  23. When he looked down, he saw a large manhood and he knew he wasn't that big

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