Bob Cousy on JJ Redicks comments about playing against firemen and plumbers - "People with less talent will always try to make a name for themselves" and goes on to say "A few of the firemen and plumbers I played with and against, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain I guess he must've fought fires"

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Asked in 1963: Would a woman be a good president?

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  1. Bro there's still games to play. Chill... They'll learn and adjust from here. Mavs Will protect home.

  2. I hate posts like this when there’s still games left to play. People were even posting these in the Utah series.

  3. He did it during the 62 season, which was shockingly his best season. He plays a full season that year and he wins MVP no doubt. He was just on another planet that year.

  4. This is my first time watching the avalanche other than highlights. Not a huge hockey guy. Popping in to ask, are the avalanche just insanely fast or is St. Louis just slow?

  5. They’ve done that and asked him during the decision. Then when the refs decide otherwise he agrees with them. I think maybe they happened a few times and now he just does it after the fact.

  6. Some of these regular season matchups mean nothing over the last couple of seasons. Injuries, covid protocol, load management etc. all contribute. It's a clean slate in the post season.

  7. First thing I thought of was that Brooklyn-Miami series where Brooklyn won all pre and regular season games. So much hype about Garnett and pierce taking down Lebron. Then Miami just about swept them but Lebron fouled out for the first time in his career in game 4.

  8. Crowder tossing Nytilkina into him in the end there probably didn’t help their game 7 odds

  9. Me trying to decide if the reason I had the same thought was from systemic racism or because it genuinely seems like they’re forcing diversity in everything these days. :S

  10. I’m no tactical expert but kind of stupid to run at the drug smuggler plane by yourself with no cover ya? They could have opened fire in desperation and it’s not like they were going anywhere.

  11. Minnesota basketball > Championship-level basketball

  12. No one takes out all their starters with 8 minutes left in the game and only down 20. What are you guys talking about. You can still show some fight and make some kind of statement in some of that time.

  13. Ya definetly seems to be more bad than good lately. Couple of my favorites with recent specials are Joe List, Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, Sam Morril etc.

  14. You forgot Schulz and Louis CK. All east coast comedians. Idk why but seems like all the actual funny ones are from there. Just much less fat to their material and new/original perspectives. VS the shit that comes from Hollywood is often so hack and full of fat.

  15. Not expected to survive. Haven’t found the driver. In the middle of her Mother’s Day celebrations too.

  16. Check Resurrection Spirits Distillery out, they may be showing it

  17. Wasnt this all proven fake and that Harden wanted CP and Brook at same time but mangement didnt want to pay an aging CP

  18. Yeah this post doesn’t know what it’s talking about. Chris Paul kept getting injured and it didn’t look great. As good as he’s been dating back to playing in OKC it’s almost more impressive he hasn’t gotten hurt in the playoffs knock on wood.

  19. Similar when he starts talking about how beneficial ju-jitsu is. Except he won’t just do that with fighters he will do it with everyone.

  20. I jumped off this same ship 2 years ago (granted not as high up) and the chances of cutting yourself on something rusty are very high. Getting up one particular set of stairs it was rusted through in the center so you had to plant your feet on the sides that had some surface area left. Still shiver thinking about it breaking off (I’m 240lbs) and slicing me open.

  21. I’m at a bar and couldn’t hear the fight. What happened? Brazilian guy won ya?!

  22. I just want to say, the two women who said their own gender wouldn’t make a good president are just living in their time. Basically told your entire life you have to get married, have a bunch of babies, take care of the house, etc. Brainwashed to think your lesser then what you are, really. We should have empathy for them, not gang up on them because they didn’t believe in their own gender.

  23. Yeah I was thinking this. Likely a woman wouldn’t have made a good president at that time if she was raised to think of herself in these types of standards.

  24. Had an extra value meal from McDonald's without using a coupon.

  25. No clue how he spent that much. I took my Ex and her mom. We got appies, steak(granted cut up to share), drinks and my bill was like $380.

  26. I doubt they would even care they’re online. If this is how they act likely most people in their lives are like minded and would have a laugh at this going viral.

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