Some people really do live in this reality.

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  1. Because precocious puberty amables young girls to reproduce by themselves? How about, this five year old girl was raped.

  2. That or I dig in my purse in front of a sales associate or an open area where anyone can see that I’m not stealing anything.

  3. This is how my friend found my lovely kitty. My friend found a kitten that was crying in a box on the street and asked me if I wanted a cat. I said yes and my baby was brought to me that night. Now my baby is almost 8, well fed, and given lot of love.

  4. It worries me that a lot of lesbians and bisexuals are stans for this relationship and see this as couples goals. Like queer women are doomed to find disfunction and toxicity romantic. If Tibette couldn’t make it through six seasons of drama stronger and in-tact, why the hell are you still shipping them??

  5. Ive been purging lgbt+ reddits because of this issue. Just a bunch of men playing out their fetishes online. Disgusting.

  6. They did Kit so dirty. That woman was LIVING and she was doing so well with her recovery! I refuse to believe Kit would have gone down in the way they had her go. I wanted her to go off with that drag queen and have a beautiful life >:(

  7. Black characters are so disposable in queer media that not even anyone on this Reddit give a sh*t. It’s sad really.

  8. It really sucks and I can definitely see that. Smh where is our girl Tasha? We didn't even get an explanation.

  9. I miss Tasha too! Alice and Tasha were cute together despite the fact that hey had very little on common but tried to make it work. 🥲

  10. hi there! it’s Beans ☺️ Check out my Instagram @midnight_beans 😇 I have many pictures of me on there if you want to see more of me ☺️ ok byeeee 😆

  11. Athletic, soft-butches. I have a weakness for rugby and lacrosse players.

  12. Reddit isn't really a safe space for women. Consider the history of the subs abd how maligned women actually are here.

  13. Wtf women didn’t do anything. This question puts a bad taste in my mouth.

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