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  1. They will make the grooves as you tighten them down. You'll have to do this before putting the rack in. Use some large washer and a nut ti draw them in. You may have to tap them in a little bit to start them. Don't hit too hard. Tap. Just to get them started. Use and impact to tighten the nuts until.the stud is seated.

  2. First, are the cables free and moving? Are the parking brakes good and working properly?

  3. Nice, I'm happy to see it, guess someone finally realizes not everyone wants a mile long truck. Especially since they suck in parking lots.

  4. https://diy4x.com/product.php?productid=17729&cat=250&page=2

  5. With this set up and a gm Dana 44 you will need to change the transfer case as well since the front driveshaft is on the opposite side. I had thought about this and had considered using either jeep axles or Ford so I could keep the transfer case set up. You'd still need to make or find suspension mounts,steering mounts etc.

  6. What’s the deal with rebuilding these puppies? I’m in the Midwest with a rod knocking and can’t find anyone that wants to mess with it. Everyone suggests a small block swap....

  7. 3.1 and 3.4 liter are the same 60 degree engines, s series from early 80s to early 90s had them, camaros had them, minivans also had them. So there are some options to look for. Or a crate engine.

  8. Just to correct some misinformation here. The 3.1 & 3.4 were neveroffered in the S-series. They are however basically a drop in swap. The only 3.1/3.4 that will work in place of an S-series 2.8 is an F-body version, or if you can find one, a rwd crate version. The FWD car/minivan version will not bolt into the S-series frame because the block is different and the motor mount bosses are in completely different locations.

  9. Thanks, I didn't mean the 3.1 3.4 were in s series. I meant the 60 degree engine was in the s series and minivans, rwd not fwd.

  10. I have a 92 Sonoma ext cab 4x4, new fenders, new tires, new brakes, extra set of door and wheel. A few other new GM parts. Tires are 31x10.50r15 BFG all terrains. New fuel tank and sending unit. SLE package, so it's loaded, 4.3, auto.

  11. I don't know how to PM on Reddit. How much do you want for it?

  12. Hey he just wanted to give it a bath and clean the interior. Now all he has to do it wax it, change all the fluids, drain the water out of the engine. And it's like a new truck.

  13. Don't. That's how. Get a 3800 or something and go that way if you are. Better engine, same bell housing pattern I believe.

  14. Nope 3800 is different bell housing. Its the same as the 4.3, sb and bb . 3400 or 3.4 l is the same.

  15. Not true completely. The early 3800 uses a BOP pattern (grand national), late ones use the same 60* pattern as the 2.8. FWD cars also are on the 60* pattern like a 2.8.

  16. OK, I've not seen that 3.8. I have seen the multi pattern bellhousing. The 3800 is not the same as rhe grand national 3.8 l which is Buick not Chevy.

  17. Happens all rhe time here. They pave the roads and then decide to do work on water mains or sewers etc. Then have to patch it and leave trenches.

  18. Simple solution, eliminating ALL left hand exits and on ramps. Then having cops pull over and ticket the slow drivers in the left lane for impeding traffic.

  19. First Gen, torsion bar mounts, cab corners and rockers, and ball joints. Oil cooler lines.

  20. You could get a motor and transmission from a salvage yard. Get them rebuilt or do it yourself. It takes some research to find the build you're looking for. It sounds like you want more top end power for highway use rather than drag racing.

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