1. Luckily I only live 50 minutes from Seattle. Go fest is not worth flying out for

  2. Damn i only got three shinies all day

  3. Unfortunately there were too many complaints last global event how in person players couldn't raid because all the gyms were maxed out from remote trainers.

  4. Are you sure the device used supports it? Some phones are flagged by Pogo as supporting AR+ even if not actually supported (hence one of the reasons why the settings toggle exists)

  5. My phone definitely supports it. Is there any way to complete these challenges without ar mode?

  6. There's a settings toggle to disable AR+ (Niantic AR) which makes buddy tasks a lot easier

  7. There should be about 1.5mm (1/16") between the tip of the needle and the bottom of the cartridge. See picture for reference.

  8. Assuming you put it together correctly it's possible that the stylus is damaged and buying a new one will remedy the situation. I came to learn that the original stylus that came with my AT-LP120 was bent off to the side. Not sure if I damaged it or if it came that way.

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