1. Spurs should go for Ruben Amorim in my opinion. Their squad is not built for a 4atb system and he seems like the best 3atb option for them. He also lead Sporting to their first league title in about 20 years so he knows a thing or two about breaking trophy curses

  2. Barca point deduction+ Catching Madrid. We're winning the league.

  3. Atletico looked a lot better once Depay came off

  4. I have to say, I haven't watched MOTD in time but I am watching it today to see the disaster

  5. Record Breaking numbers gonna be recorded for this reason lmao. Lineker in mud.

  6. You're seventh in any other top league, you're planning for Europe. You're 7th in Laliga and only 9 points above relegation.

  7. Recently, while watching movies and series and things like that, when something important happens, A related piece of football commentary is played in my head.

  8. I'm glad I died already because if I hadn't this would hurt more than it does.

  9. Rest in peace mate, we'll miss you 😞😞🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. I have played with Iniesta and Mbappe, and won a World Cup and 7 Ballon D'Or.

  11. Dortmund's fullbacks positioned themselves like wingbacks while defending. Too much space at the back.

  12. If you had to give a frequency for how often he plays LB out of 100, what would it be?

  13. 2. Only when he plays LW and we're leading.

  14. Don't you have some black players to harass?

  15. If Real Madrid played like Man United, sure.

  16. The relegation battle in Laliga is completely insane. There's only nine points between Rayo in 7th and Almería in 18th.

  17. Good so much corruption has been exposed the last 2 years, we should stop rolling over and letting it happen

  18. Scaloni preferred Pezzella over him in the final.

  19. Antoine Griezmann, Mario Hermoso and 3 others that no one cares about.

  20. 2 injured on the list and BEn davies missing.

  21. I don't envy the English NT on anything except for one player, Phil Foden.

  22. Nottingham Forrest, Ten Haag, Marcos Asensio, Seria A, the La Liga, Szczęsny, Christian Erikson, Barcalona, Verrati, Anthony, Darvin Nunez, Athletico Madrid and Atletico Bilbao.

  23. £80m for Declan Rice would be bargain of the century, and no I'm not exaggerating. You can tell most people who talk about him never actually watch him play.

  24. Isn't that what Trippier got for one single offence consisting of a £20 bet not even made by him lol?

  25. He was out for like 10-15 games if iirc. So about 2 (long) months.

  26. Argentina prolly having the best international CB pairing for at least 8 more years if Lisandro Martinez and Cristian Romero keep performing at their current level.

  27. There's a reason that even Pezzella was preferred to Lisandro in the world cup.

  28. Marcelo only having 56 apps for Brasil is interesting, his International career never really took off, and his WC performances weren’t that great either.

  29. If 3atb became mainstream earlier they'd play a lot more imo.

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