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  1. Save yourself the hassle of eating all that, just ask for one pack of sugar free Haribo gummy bears. Should make for an interesting time for the folks watching you die.

  2. That will create the explosion but I think the commenter was trying to build up more shrapnel.

  3. Nomar was fun to watch. He always gave 100%

  4. No, I haven’t seen anyone say “take pictures of it and send them unsolicited to any girl I come into digital contact with”

  5. This joke could be funny if you told it right. It’s all in the delivery.

  6. I choose that guy’s dead wife. I’m sure she exists in some Redditor’s fan fiction by now.

  7. My keurig takes forever to brew one cup of coffee. How can I fix that?

  8. Both guys are coming back from injury, no reason to rush them up and start their service clocks in a lost season.

  9. The service clock is the most likely explanation IMO. It’s not like they wouldn’t get playing time because our roster is stacked.

  10. One things for sure, Goodell is looking for all kinds of cover from the blowback that’s going to come for this decision when it’s final.

  11. The man gives a shit, but we're not even his favorite team apparently, given he didn't want to take Jim Harbaugh away from Michigan

  12. He’s probably given more money to Michigan than he’s spent on the Dolphins.

  13. Unfortunately meddling and not making the right hires are the two most important ones.

  14. I think money is one of the most important too. There’s a lot that gets spent that’s not players salaries (which, because of the cap teams are mostly equal on)

  15. I am 51 years old and have been a diehard Dolphins for since I was aware of colors and could distinguish people from furniture and will make this qualified statement:

  16. I'm 48 and agree, although a close 2nd would be Wannestedt's last year after Ricky abruptly retired.

  17. https://www.reddit.com/r/miamidolphins/comments/st7rh1/how_a_weird_tom_cable_technique_left_the_dolphins/

  18. Kind of weird because Cable was a pretty respected OL coach, but I guess you have to have the players to fit the system.

  19. We were so poor when I was a kid my mom took us to KFC to lick other people’s fingers.

  20. So much for those 2 first round picks we were holding in case we needed a QB next year.

  21. How about he puts his hand on the back of the judge’s head and forces her mouth onto his penis. Would she think that was “nonviolent”?

  22. The Third Eye. A Nickelodeon YA show that was on in the 80s when I was growing up.

  23. For being a first round pick, I literally don’t remember this dude at all

  24. We had 3 first rounders that year. So far Tua has been far and away the best of the 3 picks.

  25. Beats me but Grier had an amazing 2021 draft so the rebuild is back on track.

  26. People have no idea how hard it was to just get on the internet. Tcp / IP protocols. Drivers.

  27. The cool kids hung out on IRC, not "chat rooms." I still say IRC was peak social media.

  28. I still remember cracking up regularly at bash.org

  29. He said “I’ve seen this joke on this sub almost every day since I joined it”

  30. This angle makes Allen look like a bit of a drama queen. The whistle was blown when the defender was only a couple of inches away from Allen. It doesn’t look like it would have even been possible for the defender not to hit him.

  31. Yeah but you don’t hit quarterbacks in practice. That’s why they have red shirts on.

  32. The Charles Martin body slam on Jim McMahon. It was arguably the dirtiest hit in NFL history and knocked McMahon out for that season. That single play could have very well kept the Bears from repeating as Super Bowl Champs in ‘86.

  33. I just went and watched that. That was practically criminal assault.

  34. After the stipulation was leaked, you could almost say Kyler's patience was running "short"

  35. You shouldn’t make those kind of remarks about a man of his stature.

  36. If I have to shell out that money I’m letting him walk I don’t want to work with a child. I shouldn’t be surprised after what the browns have done to cover a sexual predator

  37. Nothing like finding the GOAT in the 6th round to make you think QBs grow on trees.

  38. When making a peanut butter jelly sandwich, do you apply the peanut butter of the jam first?

  39. I heard a rumor that Carbon devs pour the milk in the bowl before the cereal.

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