1. His head is full of flowers and sunshine. Monsters exist? Are we in a fantasy world?

  2. Bat ba hyoe na hyoe sila sa rotc? May mga bansa naman na maunlad at disiplinado ang mga tao kahit hindi yon mandatory ah. Japan for example

  3. I see arrogance. I see a conspiracy theorist--hell, even "theory" is defined as a well-substantiated explanation. Now that i think about it, ang bilis lang nila nakagawa ng movie ano? In a span of 3 months or a couple more? Professional writers even suffer long on researching and consultation to make their crafts sound credible and even so, they'd still put disclaimer that it's fiction. On this part of the world, a nouveau fame-hungry director says their creation came from reliable sources and at the same time saying "hindi ko po kasi naisip na kailangan (kumonsulta)." Talk about making the people see another side of the story meh.

  4. Hahahaah kaya nauso yung “Nakakatakot na pala kumain mag-isa ngayon, baka bukas motivational quote na ako”

  5. Not to be arrogant but i don't get shamed because i can divert the topic after some jokes. Like kung tatanuning ako

  6. I'm not religious but i feel for them. Putting yourself in their shoes, how would you react when you're doing all manners of humble sacrifices for the sake of the country, and some self-proclaimed truthsayer mock those deeds with unfounded bs? I don't know how much donations the Carmelites received, but i hear they would gladly accept a basket of eggs for prayers. This is hearsay and i may never know, but the nuns i'd trust.

  7. Kaloka yong comments. Bat kasi daw binenta eh "donated" naman yung iba. Mag-effort kaya sila magsolicit at mangombinse ng donators? Palibhasa kasi, mga mental gymnasts

  8. Hintay na lang ako democratization para mura na. Whether sooner or later, hindi pa ganon kalaki pangangailangan ko sa fast internet speed para gumastos ng 5k+ monthly

  9. I'll follow you for now and subscribe to the oneshot. But i'll read surely. Keep it up!

  10. sa akin lang, mas nabagabag ako sa sinabi nya.. diba sa pag intindi ng batas, plain meaning unless technical terms are employed... nakapag aral naman si robin (ang alam ko nakatapos pa ng criminology), malamang basic english nakakintindi sya. siguro, nahihirapan alng si robin kung ano gagawin nya doon at hindi dahil english ang medium. pero bakit parang sinisisi pa na ingles ang mga batas at konsti?

  11. +100 sa shell mobility station sa kilid rob galleria. They have mondough co. pastries and I swear literal heaven gyud sa kadaghan sa choices from cheesecakes, icecream cake, pastries, sandwiches and etc. naa say art gallery here.

  12. Tinuod jud ni. Na.amaze kos kadghan sa variety sa doughs diha. Mahala pud uy 😢. Pero sagdi lng. Mag set aside lng ko budget para matilawan nako tanan 😁

  13. Mahal gyud btaw basta pastries huhuhu but i find their croissants reasonably priced than 5G. 110 lang ila basic croissant and 140 for their flavored ones. Its way cheaper. Naa silay icecream cake slices na 75 pesos lang.

  14. Katilaw ko sa ilang brownies, sea salt brookies, cookies ug pudding na gi one time nakog takeout bahalag tingbitay hahaha. Taktak 500 pero wa jud ko gamahay. Croissants nya puhon ug mga eclairs.. ge icecream cake nya pud hahaha, galaway ko ga imagine

  15. What brought up the statement? Was he asked why he is not or when he is visiting? Because while his statements "seem" logical, it's being PASSIVE. I would have wanted to hear "I am assigning people in the national government to visit and look into the affected area." Because why are you expecting so much from the LGU that has the responsibility to set things done and is affected of the calamity at the same time?

  16. I don't know kung may pake ba mga customers dito, pero may mga manufacturing na nagte-test ng content sa product ng competitors. Bumibili sila sa retail at ila-lab test or profile testing. Dun nalalaman yung ibang market strategy gaya ng pricing.

  17. Don't push yourself too hard. I think the immediate action would be to set priorities on your tasks. Stick to the targets and kpis based on the original job description and responsibilities. If you can't finish extra tasks on time and have to go beyond the working hours, it's not your fault. It's a system flaw that the company should evaluate, lalo na kapag dumarami na yong OTs. Efficiency is computed on the amount of task you finish in full on a given working hour, in our case, 40 or 48hrs a week. If it seems you're working beyond that, it's not you being inefficient or being lazy, something's wrong in the system. You sound responsible naman and hopefully your leaders will understand if you talk to them. Good leaders don't wish losing responsible people too. So make a list na lang muna of what you have signed up for, then compare how the list escalated. Make it a justification to talk to your boss that you're having a burnout na. They can't expect a good quality output if their subordinate is already worn out

  18. Do they get paid to do such things ba o sadyang gusto lang nila idagdag mga ganun?

  19. They don't have something interesting to report, so they make the news

  20. The entertainment industry (tv & prints) is still a business. Contents should be marketable. The question is, would the Filipinos buy it?

  21. Kakasimula pa lang ng buhay-gabi ko

  22. You can try book depository. It's international, but it's free shipping

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