Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. Even if it’s not the most photogenic I gotta say that looks really tasty

  2. A week and a half from now is July 4th. I don’t feel patriotic at all. Fuck this country and the old greasy cocksuckers who call the shots.

  3. Watch it, fellas. I’m pretty sure this guy wants to rape us.

  4. Great show but AEW needs to work on the fine touches, ironing out the rough edges of their product. The ending looked hilarious with the stare down. Have Mox and Tana join the brawl or trade blows to end the segment.

  5. The audio for the whole broadcast was atrocious for me. Crowd audio was mixed way too high and commentary was so low it was practically unintelligible.

  6. As a teacher, it genuinely scares me to think of all of the possibilities. Let’s say I did have a gun…. What if I miss and shoot someone else? What if I kill someone? Then what? There are just too many scenarios and liabilities.

  7. The idea of it being your responsibility to decide whether or not a KID is about to pull out a gun and start shooting, and you have to make the split second decision whether or not to use deadly force… and you have to be on the lookout for that every single day AND teach kids how to spell or do math… it’s just absurd. The people who want armed teachers don’t spend a second thinking about the burden being placed on you. They just parrot “hurr durr bad guy gun, good guy gun”.

  8. Firearms are literally the only solution to an armed attack. What else can repel such an attack? I spent years as an armed guard, including in schools, and yes, you have to make responsible split second decisions. However, carrying a firearm does not require a teacher to ever pull that firearm or shoot anyone. If you aren't sure whether you should shoot, you probably shouldn't, and no one is making you.

  9. Not only did you miss the point of the comment, but you wrote an essay when you could have just said “hurr durr bad guy gun, good guy gun.” Lol

  10. The quesadilla I had there was really good. Everything else about the place is mid.

  11. My god, if you’re pro “birth” then consider the children here that see this stuff. My 7 year old gets the mail here at home. Just goes to show they only care about the “unborn” they don’t give a damn about the kids here and now.

  12. They stopped giving a damn about your 7 year old about 7 years ago. Actually, come to think of it, they never cared about your kid.

  13. Be a shame if people kept doing that and all his employees quit and filed complaints and his business got shut down for illegal wage theft. Be a real shame.

  14. Flatten the curve? Probably shouldn’t take more than, like, 2 weeks…

  15. The only thing you need are fans...

  16. All the Clintonville Karens complaining about not having power for 2 days haha

  17. Old people will die in this heat, but you keep on snarkin’. Hope your granny has AC.

  18. When mom finally sees the candy 8-year-old me snuck into the cart while she wasn’t looking but we’re already at the register.

  19. I mean like 50% of these aren't even really issues. MJF is a work, Danielson's out for two weeks afawk, Britt....liked a tweet?

  20. I don’t even see the issue with Britt liking the tweet. Wouldn’t it make sense to be critical of the person who took the title off of you? Hypocritical, sure, since Britt does the same shit but isn’t that kind of in line with her character?

  21. Jesus f Christ. A whole load of names we know will eventually show up. We don't need to post it for internet points. It's a goddamn name generator.

  22. Yeah! Go find a subreddit dedicated to posting content and memes from that specific game! Rabble rabble!

  23. I had no idea Xerxes was apart of The Acclaimed.

  24. People on the anti gun side rarely approach this topic with actual logic. The ironic part is how they make rhetorical quips implying they're the only ones with logic

  25. 5th Ave is the closest one to me, so of course I’ve become a firm believer that it is now Qdoba > Moes > Chipotle

  26. People sleep on qdoba. Thats fine, shorter lines for me I guess

  27. It’s literally ok for you to think that and keep going to chipotle

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