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Atheists, what do you believe in? [Serious]

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  1. I don't know guys I am a cis man and I do the same

  2. That’s just called being vers (versatile). Sometimes you feel like a top, sometimes like a bottom.

  3. The real problem with actual anarchy is that people don’t like anarchy: they like safety and peace, which only a decently powerful government can provide. Anarchy creates a power vacuum, allowing some form of government to easily take hold. This could be anything, fascism, communism, capitalism, etc. because anything is better than complete anarchy.

  4. See this is why I hate that heterosexual and homosexual (plus gay/lesbian) are dependent on your own gender identity. Instead of things like “heterosexual” meaning “attracted to the opposite gender” I wish we had words that described concepts like “attracted to femininity.” And the same for masculinity and other concepts. We have words that work like this (asexual and bisexual words like them do it pretty well), but not very many. And yea, I am also aware that some other languages have words that work like this, but I wish they were more common in English too.

  5. Then why did you click on the NSFW tagged post?

  6. Do people even look at male porn actors? Like even 90% of hentai has an invisible man

  7. I do, but that’s probably because I’m bi

  8. They all look identical to this. Little Warriors for the GOP. I hope he lives long enough to see himself break all of his personal convictions see those he looks up to for who they really are. And then spend the rest of his waste of a life in a little box alone and isolated from the world. The only contact he has with another human being till the day he finally dies is the black guard who gives him his food.

  9. I was just thinking this. Looks like an older version of Ethan Crumbley, the kid who murdered people at Oxford HS in Michigan last year.

  10. I’m a closeted bisexual male and have had a crush on a friend for 4 years but haven’t told anyone because I think he’s straight and wouldn’t talk to me again if I confessed

  11. Capitalists literally any time a socialist or communist state makes an error:

  12. This is basically what I was saying. Whenever socialism exhibits a flaw, it’s because that flaw is intrinsic. Whenever capitalism exhibits a flaw, it’s because capitalism wasn’t done right. They hold the two systems to different standards.

  13. I believe in a universe that doesn't care, and people that do.

  14. The problem is, how do you know it doesn't care?

  15. Second law of thermodynamics. Entropy. In short, things tend to become more chaotic over time. The universe does not care that it took 8 days to make that painting when a single cigarette ash ignites the whole thing, ruining it in seconds. It is easy to destroy, and hard to create. That is a cold universe in my books.

  16. Never forget that a lot of things he tweets likely go through a team of 25 year olds who are up to date on memes and their entire job is being relatable to the public

  17. I like the sentiment, but comparing a shopping centre that was probably built five years ago to a city centre that’s likely older than America isn’t really fair. We’ve got plenty of ugly car parks here.

  18. There was quite literally a post on this sub earlier today saying to stop glamorizing Europe because they are also car dependent in many ways. They also have sensible rules stating streets must be a certain width so fire trucks can fit.

  19. Coolest scene in the base game maybe. The coolest cutscene including the DLC is this:

  20. Just make a line straight through the walls. No stupid lines are stopping me

  21. Michigan distance runner here. ALWAYS ran the 3200 (got the school record my senior year too). CONSTANTLY had to do the 4x4 for track meets, but thankfully my coach was kind enough to let me anchor.

  22. They’ll commercialize anything to take your money. And it’s more than likely going to become plastic waste in a landfill.

  23. Those MI plates are burned in my memory lol

  24. Omg I’m from Michigan and they seemed so normal that they didn’t even stand out to me. The cop car style seemed familiar too.

  25. Holy cow these are fantastic! I love the style and how you nailed all of the PMD style emotions! How long do each of these sketches take?

  26. Whaaaat?? 5 minutes!? These are incredibly expressive for a 5 minute drawing!

  27. Nothing wrong with a very toothy pet. Just keep him well fed

  28. Do not feed it the human child you found on the street and are keeping in your basement. It will then acquire a taste for human flesh and the world will fall.

  29. Oh damn, I already fed it..now what ?

  30. Maybe parking lots will finally have a use. Detroit could benefit from this, we have a massive vacant lot issue.

  31. Holy shit I hate places like this more everyday. You’re willing to waste money to make homeless people’s lives WORSE while also ruining everyone else’s walking experience instead of just investing that money into solving homelessness in the area instead?

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