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  1. The risks of Not taking PPIs are greater than the risks of taking them. My mother died of stomach cancer because she did t take meds or seek medical treatment . I’ll run With the lower risk of PPIs.

  2. Mine was 38 at diagnosis. I didn’t feel great but was still holding down quite a senior position with long working days. I was tired and sluggish and many other weird symptoms but I put it all down to menopause as I was actually going through that at the time.

  3. I was prescribed 300,000 IUs over 30 days by my doctor. I didn’t take any other supplements at all and I had zero side effects. If you have a healthy diet, you shouldn’t need other supplements.

  4. I dont think I have a healthy diet since I have a lot of low Vitamin D's symptomes, and also my lab test came out to be 9ng/ml. The thing is that my calcium seems to went up, since I didn’t take any Vitamin K2 or Magnesium for better absorption.

  5. Low vitamin D has little to do with diet as it’s almost impossible to get enough from food alone. Most is made by the skin through sun exposure but if you live in a hemisphere where there is little sun in the winter , then you should be supplementing. If you live in the UK, as I do, you can have the healthiest possible diet but still need to supplement D in the winter.

  6. Most of my boyfriends have been tall - six feet or more. It was never a case of consciously choosing them though - more a case of meeting and hitting it off without height being a consideration.

  7. Yes. I’m hoping that more will start to use it after they finish levelling but it’s not looking good right now.

  8. It’s a very strange response. I’m in the UK and it’s not routine to do echos at all. If you have symptoms, a simple blood test is done. I asked for mine to be tested because I had a weird symptom that could t be explained. He just said sure and printed out the blood test form. Here, a scan would only be done if you had symptoms suggestive of thyroid cancer.

  9. I had this issue three times tonight. I finally realised my graphics card driver- nvidia - needed an update. Once done, the freezes and inability to log out disappeared.

  10. Not now but back the day, I told my mum I liked Opium perfume. She hated buying presents and always took the easiest route. An Opium gift set every Christmas for the next ten years. Now it makes me feel sick.

  11. And you do the slow face-scrape-O'-shame as you slide down the mountain trying to find a spot to land that is anywhere higher than where you started.

  12. Ha this made me giggle. That’s been me so many times!

  13. I had the same when I had bad insomnia. I couldn’t understand it. I’d exhaust myself with a eight mile walk and come bedtime, I’d be wide awake.

  14. Also - I'm usually flying so fricken fast that I'm in the next zone before I notice the message.

  15. Ha ha that’s me. End up flying so fast, I can’t control the mount quickly enough to find and collect the glyph.

  16. I just installed handynotes and got it all maxed in one sitting was pretty easy

  17. I have that so I can see where they are on the map. My problems lies with going so fast to get up there that I can’t control the mount lol. I definitely need more practise.

  18. Yea I’ve done it for thirty years on and off because I have autoimmune gastritis. My longest period on PPIs was over a year and my shortest, a day. I’ve never tapered. I just stop when I’m symptom free and I might not need another PPI for many months if not over a year depending on when my next flare is.

  19. I grew up in Ayrshire and some of my older relatives used that term in that way. Never really heard it amongst my generation though.

  20. I’d guess that the cost if living crisis is biting in restaurants , hence much higher prices. UnlikE households they don’t have an energy cap and are facing astronomical hikes which need to be recovered through prices.

  21. I find the Flying way to fast to enjoy the scenery. I’ve overshot my objective so many times because of the speed.

  22. I’ve caught about four of the bottles so far - but yea at least 1000 dish caught. Sadly, none of the recipes are the cooking ones that I’m actually after. Most were inscription which I sold.

  23. Did you catch them In open water or in fish hot spots?

  24. Play as you like. This game is so massive, with so many things to do. I am a casual but regular player, 3-5h per week or so. I collect pets, and herb / minerals. Thats all I do since Cata.

  25. I play in a similar way now. I raided and did the M plus for many years but I just found the constant competitiveness exhausting. I also grew to resent the demands on my time- three raid nights a week and M+ when it came along the others. It left no time for me to do the other things the game offered. I’ve enjoyed the game a lot more since giving all that up

  26. The bunker is a hangover from the days when many had coal bunkers in their kitchen. I remember my great aunts. It was like a large cupboard with an opening in front and a worktop on top.

  27. I say both - I originally from X but now live in Y. People need to be better at asking questions if they don’t want both answers.

  28. You will still have Hashimoto's. It depends on person to person, but mine still flares up and tries to attack other parts of me. Others seem to have no further issue once their thyroid is out. Just luck of the draw.

  29. I have Hashimotos as do a number of family and friends. None of us have flares and don’t recognise the term as used on this forum. From what I’m reading, it’s a term largely used by those of you who use alternative health therapists rather than doctors.

  30. I'm stuck on the first 'race' quest.. trust me an hour and a half of nearly making it under a rock bridge to get through a ring and being teleported back over and over is enough to make anyone hate dragon riding 🤣

  31. Try some of the others because they vary enormously. The easiest ones are those without anything blocking your view like trees and stuff. They’re much better to start with .

  32. I wouldn't recommend playing WoW unless you enjoy the Raiding, M+, or PvP. Flying around on a dragon is certainly fun, but it's like a couple hours of fun, not anything that changes the core of the game.

  33. We’re all different. I gave up raiding a few years ago and don’t don’t do mythics or PVP either. I still enjoy the game.

  34. Isn’t that just for same day appointments though? At my surgery, we can phone at any time but won’t get a same day one unless it’s very urgent. In terms of med related requests, that should be very easy now that most surgeries have an in house pharmacist. I find it faster to talk to them than a doctor. In addition, the website for my surgery has an option to email questions like this. I’ve used it once and got a same day call back.

  35. No at my soon-to-be-former surgery, it's 8am or nothing. Your head could be hanging off, or you could have an ingrown toenail. 8AM.

  36. That’s awful. And ridiculous that I can be so lucky to have such a good surgery whilst others have terrible ones.

  37. In mine you get given more work. My director used to call it the perils of success.

  38. Yea you can take it once a week.I have some 4k capsules but I only take one every couple of days.I’ll often forget and then take 12k to catch up. It’s not instantly reactive so it does t matter too much.

  39. I’m having a major problem because I use a gaming mouse with side buttons. I’m used to flying with my hands resting on those buttons and doing nothing except moving. Now, I’m pressing the buttons inadvertently and using up my flying resource by mistake……

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