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Sheriff's Office releases names of 31 Patriot Front members arrested in Saturday bust

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  1. Finding an attorney working on contingency to accept what's not an obvious slam dunk case can be a challenge, though.

  2. why do all these "proud" people hide their faces

  3. 100% guarantee if you check their phones a few of these guys have Grindr app.

  4. They're using it to spy on the sinners. Just spies. Keeping it discreet and on the DL.

  5. makes you wonder what was in the water around where their moms lived while pregnant.

  6. Probably not it but worth checking: is the mapped drive mapped to the server's FQDN (servername.domain.com) or is it mapped to an IP or just the server name without the .domain.com?

  7. It can actually vary, usually it is FQDN. I have trusted locations for FQDN, short name and IP of our fileserver.

  8. There's a directly Microsoft product way to do it, albeit a bit convoluted. First you'd

  9. since it uses 445/tcp port, I bet it uses psexec

  10. If it's using psexec, you might be running into firewall issues. Are you able to hit the \\servername\admin$ network share from where the deploy script is running? Logging on interactively to the machine and installing it might be about the same amount of work as logging into each machine and enabling the firewall exceptions which possibly fixes this in the future, but your admin shares are then exposed which may or may not match your security strategy even if they make network admin easier.

  11. What’s the benefit to running in the cloud when it’s a new setup?

  12. In this specific case I'd be concerned about reliability and performance as a few years go on and the setup grows with the company and then it's more difficult to switch to cloud. You'd have varying degrees of outages if there was a routing issue between a user's home office to the main office, one of the components in the the server or a networking piece fails at the office, air conditioner goes out, power line gets downed, that kind of thing. All those things can be mitigated but the costs start to stack up to get datacenter performance in an office and it's a little harder to quantify future costs of engineering time and materials to grow the network. Cloud gives you (at least in theory) more predictable pricing, less risk, and (imo) less need to keep engineers on call.

  13. If you are running 7.0+ DO NOT run off of USB. It will be inevitable that your ESXi instance simply stops running.

  14. Had a couple clients booting off USB sticks. Never understood why they were so reluctant to just upgrade the hardware to boot off disks as about once a month or so they'd have a complete outage that necessitated a reboot from the iLO/DRAC.

  15. Medium-density suburbs are still a massive improvement over single-family detached fucking everywhere. Put the houses on a grid system with mixed-zoning, and QoL goes up practically exponentially.

  16. Mixed-use can be really nice even in the sparser suburbs. There was a neighborhood by me where there'd be a few rows of housing and then some light commercial shopping/restaurants/bars/office space where you could easily walk to. Gave a bit of the neighborhood feel of a more built-up city in the middle of what used to be a cornfield.

  17. Considering how any time someone I know goes to Canada I ask them to smuggle me back some I'm probably not the right person to answer that

  18. This isn't even humor, this is just writing down the internal monologue of every C suite right now.

  19. In my childhood, whenever cold calls would come in for double glazing my mum would always say 'No thanks, we've already got windows', and promptly hang up the phone.

  20. Only reason I'd disagree on the worst case scenario of losing 30 seconds is that in those 30 seconds I can lose lots of mental context of what I was working on. It's another interruption.

  21. I've run into this at clients. The "right" way is to migrate the domain to an internal.schoolname.org name but that's a ton of work. The way that "works" is to have IIS on every DC listening on both 80 and 443 for http/https requests for schoolname.org and then redirects to

  22. What this means is they have zero standards, they will have a mash of hardware of whatever was cheapest at the time, all the users have their own printers of many models so you can't stock toner, and management refuses to enact any standardization. They are running mac's, windows, and possibly a few Linux servers. They have a different mail provider for every department and the CEO demands that he still use AOL desktop. Everything is run off daisy chained 5 port switches and there is no central management software. The users use whatever software they want and all have local admin. 70% of the network is not domain joined and group policy does not work on half the machines. They still run XP of a number of business critical machines that must connect to the internet. They have no patch policy and backups are a mix of server backups of which they don't pay for enough storage and local time machine backups for the mac's.

  23. You made me kinda sad with how true this likely is. I'll add to the sadness.

  24. Isn't this a classic Romani / Romania mix up? Which also would create an outrage though I guess.

  25. Getting into full scale battles against Pinkertons and the state militia too. Amazon seems to have its own modern day equivalent of Pinkertons that spy on employees and purge the ones who talk about unionizing too.

  26. -jp- says:

    Until you've worked that kinda job you don't truly realize how disruptive the schedule change is. Used to work at a place where you were on call for two weeks on a rotating schedule. So you'd get woken up repeatedly every single night and was still expected to show up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8:00 sharp. For the princely sum of $200. Suffice to say when I quit I burnt that fucking bridge straight to the ground.

  27. -jp- says:

    Yup. And worse, one where the management, especially on sales side, had no spine, and wouldn't renegotiate the contracts. Because why would they? It's not them getting woke up at 1:00, 3:30, 4:00, 4:05, etc.

  28. And then they want you to do stuff like wake up a 3 am, work until 3:10 am, and then only bill 10 minutes?

  29. Holy shit.. it's Walter white's long lost brother. George Gray.

  30. Absolutely no problem in the world has a solution of "just install MacOS".

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