Guy gives up nightclub to save animals

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  1. It’s cause they were packed together. It absorbed and dispersed the impact. Guess there’s still symbolism in that though

  2. FUCK. I typed all that because I somehow missed yalls talking here about what I said 🙃

  3. I didn't scroll too far so i don't know if it's been said yet, but through the process of observation, common sense and deduction combined, it appears that the result being one book that stops the round is only granted, if there is a SOLID backing. The number of hardcover books BEHIND the target (first) book act as an absorption medium for the energy transferred from the projectile to the target, allowing the first book to "catch" the bullet. (common similar example is catcher's mitt for a baseball)

  4. Yes current kills is a stupid simplification.. a 12v battery can provide hundreds if not thousands of amps, but cannot overcome the resistance of your body. 25kv can overcome damn near anything and fry you.

  5. not to say yall are wrong ot anything but I have absolutely gotten a decent little tingle shock when tightening a car battery post and bumping my knuckle against a metal brace... full hand grip= more surface area = less feel, small area of contact is more concentrated amount of electricity rushing for ground. I have been in the trades and know a little bit about electricity, and had always assumed a car battery never had the specs to let you feel it.. didn't hurt me but it did scare the shit out of me. side note, for those that would like a demonstration of the power contained In a 12v car battery, place a wrench over both posts at the same time outside and get back quickly. I can bet you $100 that if the battery isn't dead that wrench will weld itself to the posts and turn bright red within 10 seconds.... not recommended. had to smack the wrench off with a hammer.

  6. decarb with lid loosend up for 90-120 mins. 155-160°F is where terpenes evap off so be mindful of your Temps

  7. Kalibloom Kik d8 disposables. NOT FAKE. REAL BRAND. only ever had one of these got the chemdawg it was a smacker thought it was d9 still think it may have been d9. the first 2 rips went down smooth as hell, a ton of vapor (ikrusher disposables are OP) felt like the first time I had taken a blinker from a stiiizy.. still haven't been able to get as High as i was off those 2 rips, and that was literally almost 2 years ago. fucking crazy(the one I had got me literally as high as a GDP stiiizy pod.) I've been through multiple zips of d8 from the big boys in the game and I'm not exaggerating.. that kik chemdawg dispo was INSANE.

  8. Send it to me, I'm a tattoo artist. I'll give it a sleeve so it don't look like a schlong

  9. a lot of people will hate this idea but... some traditional tattoo type designs on this would look dope lol

  10. He’s not making the upper from scratch lol toolcraft and FN barrel just comes with the higher end PSA’s, coincidentally PSA barrels are 1/7 twist.

  11. very well broken down inside of a PBJ. the texture will be most interesting. I recommend lots of jelly and if you like crunchy PB use that to mask the bits of mush.

  12. its not going to say it makes the dab glow but my boyfriend has been a wax plug for some years and is educated on the matter, CRC is a bleaching agent they use to make dark wax, lighter, or used to make shitty wax look good.. if you put a black light on your wax or hash and its glowing its most likely been sprinkled or ran thru with CRC.. people want to say its from the chlorophyll but chlorophyll is supposed to be filtered out before the product is sold.. so if its from the chlorophyll that would mean EVERY wax and every rosin and cart would glow under UV or black light.

  13. your BF whos a wax plug just lost all credibility right then and there... dont spread false information. a Color Remediation Column does not get sprinkled..or cause your extract to become UV reactive. I have never seen a THC distillate or any other oil not react to UV. extract gets passed through different media/clay type material in a column to strip residuals and the less desirables out of the product.

  14. also, try in the 200-800nm range. chlorophyll, proteins like cryptochrome etc will glow

  15. just want to update that hank has replied to the email and has stated he will consider it. I am aware this does not mean yes or no but it might be progress!

  16. guys guys, appreciate the advice, I utilize some of the proper lights.. I just keep imagining the output of a 2 channel d4 with w1s and deep red... momentary low red for night vision preservation...contact... 2 w1s full tilt incoming lol. if hank were to begin producing a weapon light i think he would end up with the top of his noggin on the ceiling from the mountain of money we would pile under him 😁

  17. I had to train myself to smile gently while focusing. It takes some effort to make it a habit, but my family and friends plus coworkers and customers are less creeped out

  18. but not so much that you really just look fucked up like you just smacked the 🛒 and think you are making yourself appear pleasant......😅 don't ask

  19. Fuck yes. hand over a 10er so that I can go play ninja? yall got me if I don't pop straight back up right? yall got some of them life jackets?

  20. did you read the part where he said 6 foot 5 inches.. dude is also probably built like a brick shit house.

  21. use this adapter. it will allow you to screw on 510 thread products just the same,as well as wax use items like ooze quartz globes and other cheaper and some nicer items, also while protecting your devices actual threads from wearing due to swapping products,and due to the round flange it will prevent any torsion/ shear damage of threads and localize damage to the atomizer in use if you drop or snap it off . leaks, and keeps the heat out of the device and more outside of the device. I have one of these on a Vaporesso Tarot nano 80w and it's the shit. temp control Yada Yada not the best for carts as it only goes to 5w but if you don't use the less durable URSA cart type stuff you'll be fine

  22. Can it be modified to use the detonation force to open or close?

  23. OR CAN IT BE MODIFIED TO HAVE A PURPOSEFULLY FAILING HAMMER LOCK UP UNDER STABBING PRESSURES??? HOLY ASSASINS CREED SHIT BATMAN no shit though if there was a way to set up a "clutch" on the hammer to where it would require a certain amount of torque/ suddenforce to break loose, not constant hard pressure, but a jerk. like your pinky finger would apply the pressure to the back of your hammer, very abruptly when impacting something hard enough to warrant a "stab" like when you stick a knife in a table motion.......... fucking .22 throwing knife invention inbound

  24. still funny tho, because he sounds like a fucking idiot saying everything broken as fuck 😂 yeah he's from Hong Kong, he knows inside he can't speak English.. he's just flexing... falsely.. like saying you have a 10" dick and barely hitting the number 4 when you pull out the ole tape measure. and ole coffee with too much cream boi was in perfect elbow range so he could teach Mr wok that the delivery he was going to receive is not shrimp lo-mein😅 the first OIM SCAYA AHHHH I NUHVUS would have triggered an involuntary 100% effort jaw racking. yeah I don't give a fuck about a backstory.

  25. really truly could benefit from ego/facial annihilation . find her dogs shit/piss pile and leg sweep her face first into it. honestly the universe prospers most when these individuals suddenly no longer exist.

  26. over 120 seconds of watching the animal slip closer to death before serious action? I dont understand why people pussy foot around so fucking hard when bad shit is happening? Why in THE FUCK did dude not give that motherfucker the quad 4x4 whack-a-mole as hard as he physically could the instant he saw the other dog getting dragged around after a few jabs and a splash? I'll just wait a whole 2 minutes to give a shit? or better yet jump stomp it and if that fails you have two thumbs and that dog has 2 eyes... when your life, your family's life, your dogs life is on the line, humanity is no more...sure hate to see how long he waits before he deems an actual incident an emergency. Who the fuck is pulling dude by the pants to stop him? they'd get knocked the fuck out too, 3rd(ish) world countries are 3rd(ish) world because of refusal to progress, lack of ball-sack to do so tbh.... if it was my dog, I'd be on the mutt no stick involved.. it's an idiot street mutt in a fucked up country locked up on the other dog and isn't going to prioritize me putting my knee into its neck and turning one of those legs around 360° at the knee joint or hip. so fucking sick of watching a bunch of bumbling fucking morons fail to utilize the most dangerous body and brain in the animal kingdom. Rant Over Yeah I'm such a badass lmao i know youll all talk your shit, but really shut the fuck up if you disagree, and realize that you really don't value life or the concept of it unless you are totally willing to destroy it in order to preserve it. .. fuck spiders tho. they can die EDIT: Don't know what I expected, seems these are the morons that don't have the sense to wear proper shoes on motorcycles, I have wasted much mental effort here.

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