1. Your photos are so beautiful with her. Did you do the one day or two day elopement package? Thank you

  2. Thank you! We spent just one whole day with Autumn. She was lovely and it felt like hanging out with a friend

  3. I’m Cassian and I will be singing Fireworks by Katy Perry after I throw Nesta’s gift in the Sidra

  4. I’m just thinking of Cassian singing this and Tarquin in the audience like yeah just like how you blew up that summer court building 😒

  5. I can’t even think of their adorable flirting in ACOMAF without blushing. “One hell of a high lord?” And then dumps a bucket of water on him. Stupid adorable.

  6. Court of nightmares Rhys was 🥵 that line he says like if you touch her you’ll lose your hand and then lose your head and once feyres done I’ll grind you to dust…like 🫠 such a feminist twist on touch her and u die. Touch her and SHE’LL kill you. I’m dead

  7. Definitely think it's worth checking ASOS, I find them super affordable & they sometimes have some stunning dresses in stock.

  8. I 2nd this. I bought my dress off ASOS bride and it was great quality for 250$. Came is a gorgeous box with the zip up cover and nice wooden hanger. They had free shipping and returns

  9. When Feyra drenched him in water and instead of getting mad he just shakes all the water on her…that’s when I knew… 🥰

  10. I think SJM just focuses on the romantic relationships and let’s the reader assume or fill in their own gaps with how time is spent with friends. I think Mor and Ferye are best friends we just don’t get enough insight. Nesta needed her friends to find herself whereas Feyre needed to do it mostly on her own knowing she had all their support. I would also say that the IC stayed out of telling Feyre because it truly was Rhys duty to tell her but they all forgot about his love for self sabotage.

  11. Nope. Don’t feel bad at all! I’m so obsessed! My opinion is that some people may not like the “person” but that doesn’t mean they’re not a good character. Good characters are thought/plot provoking. SJM could literally hand me a piece or trash and I’d love it.

  12. I listen to the audiobook while also reading the physical book. I need to be smothered by it to get into it. Once I get into it I then hyper focus.

  13. I don’t know why but it grips me every time.

  14. What an adorable room! I think the bedding is fine. I would add larger white pillows and two wall/ hanging lamps above the night stands to add more completeness and attention to the headboard wall.

  15. I have a basically identical picture from here too! It’s Arnarstapi in the west fjords. Absolutely beautiful walking path along the coast

  16. I thought the Western Fjords are across the street (ocean)??

  17. Oh you’re right! I didn’t realize this area wasn’t part of it. Thanks!

  18. I would buy one of those cute peach shower curtains, lots of plants, and just play up the cuteness of the yellow. I actually really like it

  19. I’m a nurse. I was taking care of a patient after a procedure to treat her rectal cancer. Doctor is giving her education on smoking cessation and she looks him dead in the eyes with all seriousness and says “Well I ain’t smoking with my asshole!”

  20. Are you me? My husband has an X linked condition that will always to some degree be transferred to females so we are only choosing males. We did preconception genetic testing and found this out so we had to do some investigations to see if his mom has it and that lead to his brother finding out he’s positive also. We had to tell his parents to explain the situation and have other family members tested but if it didn’t come down to that then my husband told me he wanted to keep his condition private but would’ve told them about IVF if I wanted to. On the other hand my family can be very overwhelming so we are choosing to not tell them. We just had our first egg retrieval and did not get the best results so I am grateful we didn’t tell my family because I’d have to explain to them multiple times the not so great news. I do have very supportive friends I’ve told and it’s helpful to be able to tell at least one other person besides your partner. I think everyone’s situation is different and you can only do what your and your husband think is the best choice for you. I wish you and your family well!

  21. I’m happy to hear majority didn’t have too much pain but once I woke up from the sedation I was in a lot of discomfort. The cramping pain would come and go in waves with it being 7/10 at its worst. This only lasted 3 or so hours. I was given a heating pad and I took Tylenol right when I woke up. I got a prescription for Norco but wasn’t able to take it until about 4 hours later. After that first day I only took Tylenol for two more days. Also definitely take a stool softener. Everyone is different but I just wanted to be realistic some have more pain than others.

  22. I was very nauseous and mildly dizzy. My doctor ended up prescribing zofran which really helped but definitely did not help the constipation.

  23. Zz’s are my absolute favorite plant! They like to be a little snug in their pot so don’t go for one too big!

  24. What a find!!! It’s fits you like a glove and most importantly you look glowingly happy! Congrats! Please post a wedding photo too later! This makes my heart so happy!

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