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  1. These guys looking for players in the clearance section

  2. The dude was a 5th round pick from this year and multiple other teams put a claim on him. Wouldn't call that clearance section, personally

  3. That's why I'll never get a McLaurin jersey. I don't want to curse him. I have had very bad luck with Redskins merchandise / gear.

  4. Clearly, the solution is to get yourself a Dan Snyder jersey

  5. Both Heinicke and Haskins have/had terrible accuracy. We’ve had our share of Uncle Rico “throw the ball over them mountains” arms, but it has been a while since we had an arm that can actually accurately lead a receiver and hit his target

  6. Heinicke has his flaws, but I wouldn't say accuracy is one of them, he's actually a pretty accurate QB, just noodle armed and at times makes bad decisions.

  7. I'm guessing you must be near or from Western Maryland. Either way, glad you're safe, heard a lot of scary stories about trees falling and storm damage in the area yesterday

  8. Perfect, that should be enough to cover up the mud pools at FedEx field in November

  9. Yeah, I also remember hearing Terry hype during OTAs. In a press conference I remember a reporter asking if having Haskins would make Terry's transition to the NFL easier and Gruden said the opposite, that having Terry would make Haskins' transition easier.

  10. It’s because they’d put the fan zone in DC and the game in Baltimore. Makes no sense.

  11. FIFA made a hard pass on Fedex Field after officials saw it in person, so the joint bid with Baltimore was the only option if DC wanted to be involved.

  12. Crypt Wendtii would be good for the corners, gets about 5 or 6 inches in my experience. Lots of options for background plants, depending on what kind of style your looking for. Some of my favorites are the amazon swords, red tiger lotus, crypt retrospiralis, pogostemon stellatus "octopus", crinum calamistratum, or jungle val, to give you a couple ideas

  13. He gives me "memorize basic phrases" vibes. He also makes a lot of cuts in his videos, which makes me think he does revert to English in a lot of them.

  14. Tamil speaker here. His Tamil in this video was pretty poor. It seems like he just memorized a couple of basic phrases. Pronunciation was super off, but I'll give him a pass for that because Tamil pronunciation is difficult, varies a lot by region, and there isn't much material out there for it from what I've seen. That being said, props to him for trying. It was cool to see him do video on Tamil, especially since it isn't very "mainstream."

  15. In my mind, things have changed. Younger people are not as big fans as people may think. If going to games turns into even more of a chore, it’s going to get worse

  16. Agreed, I'm in my mid twenties and most people my age are Caps & Nats fans. Hell, I know more wizards fans than WFT/commanders fans at this point.

  17. The proposed building site is in Woodbridge, you’re acting like it’s being built in Richmond. It’s not far at all. Virginia has more fans and it’s growing fan base so they are following the money. Try driving from Virginia Beach to see a game in Maryland. Then we’ll talk about how much it sucks to see a game.

  18. You grow a fanbase by catering to the younger crowd. Younger fans aren't driving to Woodbridge, but they'd definitely metro to a game at the RFK site even if the team sucked. Also, as someone who lives in Northern VA, just about 30 mins away from the stadium site, I'd still rather make the longer trek into DC than drive to Woodbridge. Even if they do make an entertainment village/complex, it can never beat the existing pre/postgame entertainment options that already exist in the city.

  19. Maybe now Goodell will stop trying to protect Dan

  20. Seconding this, move the up front crypts to the right side!

  21. Malaysian trumpet snails are a good thing! They aerate the substrate making it healthier for your plants and preventing hypoxic pockets down there and are mostly hidden during the day. Many planted tank people, myself included, actually buy MTS on purpose for our planted tanks!

  22. If you don't want to section off a part of the tank I would recommend salvinia minima! It's much hardier than red root floaters, but not as annoying as duckweed. It's pretty cheap/easy to obtain as well.

  23. Anybody have an idea about what his trade value might look like? Is it more than the 3rd round comp pick we'd likely get if we let him walk?

  24. That comment is messed up on so many levels...

  25. Pro-tip: When you buy plants at Buce, you're probably gonnna get multiple plants per "single Plant" When I was buying plants for my 75, I bought 4 Amazon Swords from them to line the back of my tank. When I got the plants, they were huge and immediately split up into 2-3 swords per plant, so I ended up having to throw away a lot of perfectly good Amazon sword portions.

  26. Probably an unpopular opinion, but people are sleeping on Bailey Zappe and they shouldn't be

  27. Is there anybody who has the deck downloaded already who can share it? It looks like the deck is no longer public :(

  28. Definitely would prefer the RFK site, but if that's completely off the table, I feel like Oxon Hill, by the National Harbor should be the plan B

  29. I think Manusky is the worse, because he fielded mediocre-bad defenses despite having loads of talent. Haslett and Berry were bad, don't get me wrong, but they didn't have anything close to the DL talent that Manusky got to work with

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