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  1. I feel your pain. I've been lucky with my Reverb G2, it was my first HP product actually and the only contact I had with them was to claim the new cable. It went fine even if the procedure was overly complicated because I had to send back the previous one.

  2. Very well put! I agree with everything. Thanks for the comment. I mentioned privately to the last rep I spoke to that it’s a real shame, the product is amazing and they’re trashing the brand and goodwill with awful support like this. Maybe HO has never had high quality products (their laptops, the ones I know about, never seemed to be very good) do they don’t know how to step up their customer service to live up to it. I have no idea. But it’s a shame because despite the product being good, it’s the last brand I will consider when I buy my next headset

  3. Yikes dude, I'd be raging if this is how my warranty call went. I am infuriated on your behalf. Wish I could offer something besides to keep trying. Good luck :/

  4. also thanks for the commiserations :) i am infuriated too, thanks for the well wishes. i'll see it through , one way or another, they have to honor their warranty. and in the future, i'll vote for brands with my money elsewhere

  5. It was a post on here from one of the development team people. They replied to me when I asked. It was so long ago I can't find it in my history. And I can't remember that guys user name now either

  6. ah , no worries if you can't find it, thank you anyway. I'm not gonna give up, gonna keep documenting this (for people who may wanna research the brand and customer service experience) and gather data for the formal complaint to the EU customer protection agency, so any data will of course be valuable.

  7. cheers! this is the name i heard ealier, so it must be him. pls

  8. One pixel at the edge of your vision? You'll never notice that while you're playing. Not worth the hassle of RMA in my opinion. Not worth being without your headset for minimum two weeks while you wait for RMA shipping.

  9. thanks for the downvotes btw, fuck me for trying to get a warranty replacement right?

  10. Dead pixels and stuck pixels are different stories. I dead pixel is more noticeable. I have a stuck pixel right in the middle. In order to see it, I have to hold still and it has to be a dark background and I have to actively try to focus on it. Otherwise it's basically invisible most of the time.

  11. that's very nice dear, but this thread is not about you. it does bother the fuck out of me and so i'm seeking a replacement. thanks for your opinion though

  12. didn't even know about fassbender. cool. does he race in iracing?

  13. no, we have alternative gas sources and we're roughly keeping control of energy price. and what excess price we do pay, we pay to maintain a rules based world order which russia is trying to destroy. fuck russia, long live EU, viva españa ostieee

  14. thx for sharing. you guys got work to do. how can we help?

  15. This is just stupid. It’s 20 freaking cars for a few weeks a year. Such a small drop in the bucket.

  16. And they are not sanctioning Italy, they are only warning the Italian government that there will be sanctions if they choose to walk an undemocratic path

  17. is this the only comment that understands the very clear thing that she said?

  18. Check user profiles. Half the comments in this thread and others within the last 24 hours are years old accounts with next to no karma on them. A substantial fraction of the remaining ones are months or days old. Organic discussion is almost completely drowned out by them.

  19. at least the swedish party is not far right. guys please report and downvote this disinfo.

  20. China is a genocidal dictatorship. We race as one?

  21. this is very fucking stupid and it will become obvious how fucking stupid it is sooner than later

  22. I think that I never went out with tc off, also during qualy the TC is just essential. You can set it to its lowest and just drive like it’s off (but it actually isn’t off) and you won’t even feel it.

  23. this is really interesting, i wonder if i can have different TC settings in iRacing (i am noob). makes sense that it would affect tire degradation in iRacing too

  24. Most recent post in that thread says that stuttering in garage might be fixed/improved with 1.10. I'll have to try it for myself tonight.

  25. i'm new to simracing but they advertised VR support and the VR is unusable. I can't get my money back and they're ignoring a 400+ message thread on this issue (among other threads echoing the same problem)

  26. To be honest, I cannot take the F1 eSport seriously either in its current state

  27. agree. we should organize f1 events in iracing. it's the car from the year before. so what? custom liveries. great sim physics. it's the future

  28. thanks for sharing this, at this late date, very plain to see truth. sadly sooner or later this will become obvious to a large fraction of people.

  29. Together we are a superpower, perhaps the most culturally and socially advanced one, and quite up there in terms of science and tech. The world needs us as a superpower. The US is great but it's not enough.

  30. I feel like the US is also pretty compromised atm. sure they may have the biggest military but their democracy is literally in immediate danger. one big woman's right was revoked a few months ago. half of their nation believes lies over fact and basically wants a theocracy.

  31. study Rafael Nadal. Make improving your psychological approach part of the purview of your competitive drive.

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