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  1. Yeah you really can't ask for a richer source of mythology to draw on. That said, it's a uniquely awkward culture for a British company to build fictional portrayals of, based on their history in India.

  2. No what’s weird is Japan creating Europe inspired medieval story’s in there video games and anime even though there on the other side of the planet

  3. Is there any meaningful lore about them? Or are they just slightly mentioned over 1 paragraph in one book?

  4. There vaguely mentioned, but that’s not stopping them from getting more lore with the old world table top reboot

  5. Henry is at lest 18 he’s young but he’s the same size as the regular adults

  6. Conner from Detroit Become Human would be sick, would bleed blue blood instead of actual blood, his perks would quote his in game dialogue

  7. I don’t think they care how fast the updates get put out as long as the cash flows from the updates

  8. I think the military should get an update overhaul to make it more exciting and add more content to it in general

  9. There’s probably some good loot at the bottom when you finish the water boss

  10. I wish they would use more known characters in the mainline games. Having wario and donkey Kong be boss fights would be awesome

  11. Did they get their daily dosage of Butter in the morning? That’s essential when playing Vlandia or Swadia

  12. Ash Evil I stand and watch my minions fight the last surv scrapping by

  13. It's really not, and I'm not really willing to argue about it either (why I'm replying then, idk). Seriously though, lol is this actually your opinion? Just curious...because it's not the same...

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