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  1. When you buy a ticket to a game or show, you technically reserved your seat from the floor to the ceiling. Stand if you wish, or sit if you want. You paid for your ticket.

  2. Buckeye softball is a lot of fun! Unfortunately they are always so crowded

  3. I love cookies, Columbus is like a cookie mecca.. We have Crumbl, cheryl's, Mrs. Turbo, and a few other independent cookie places around here. I've had cookies in several states, NYC (Dominque Ansel, Milk, others), and overseas.

  4. These cookie chains seem to be popping up like crazy. They have great cookies generally, but I was not prepared to believe that there would be so much demand for oversize cookies.

  5. I go to Lion's Cub Cookies in Grandview a lot and I'm always surprised just how busy they are. People pour in and out of there all day long.

  6. We beat the only other competitive team!

  7. Those shishitos are so good! Inspired me make my own, I toss them in olive oil and grill them. Make a dipping sauce. I could eat an entire bag!

  8. Brice and Livingston is rough. But at main and Brice there is going to be a bunch of new development.

  9. A little more on the first phase of the upcoming development at Brice and Main (where the K-Mart used to be):

  10. Interesting. We do this too and it seems to help. We have multiple rooms that we don't use, so we close the doors to those rooms and close the vents. It also pushes more air through the vents that are open.

  11. A childhood friend of mine is the CEO of first watch. I’ll ask him..

  12. I had some old heads in Cville tell me Hudson and High is part of "Baja Clintonville"

  13. Lol! Might as well just call the entire north side "Clintonville" and be done with it! 🤣😂

  14. I was just messing around... Those are the main characters from the TV show called The Wonder Years in the late 80's/early 90's that had Fred Savage in it...

  15. UMBC knocked off Virginia in 2018, this is the second time its happened

  16. We live in the 1400 block of South High. There was definitely no sleeping at our house around 5:00 this morning. The sirens were loud and persistent.

  17. Can we get a ratio of parking to total area &/or green space? Great work on this, btw

  18. There was an article in The Dispatch a few months ago that gives exact numbers regarding parking lots downtown.

  19. This map is so outdated, the official boundaries of downtown aren't even correct...

  20. I visited Benihana for the first time recently and it was in the top 3 worst restaurant experiences of my life.

  21. we went to Benihana a couple years ago and it was so bad that we haven't been back and we won't be going back.

  22. I think people focus a lot on restaurants and hotels, but they’ll also visit local museums and other cultural sites while they are here as well.

  23. It definitely introduces the city to more people, that otherwise may never really have a specific reason to visit.

  24. oops forgot them and the cops that park on sidewalks and rake in mad OT for traffic control. Its still not a sizable percentage.

  25. Yeah, my server friends bank during these type of events. They make more on the weekend then they do during a normal full week!

  26. I did not think WAWA and Sheetz stepped on each others toes too much so I am surprised to hear they would be coming here. When I heard mention of them coming to Ohio I was thinking probably Cincinnati area. Both businesses, while maintaining an ongoing riff between their fans seems to work very closely with the other. They came from the same state and similar startup.

  27. Was up on the far north side yesterday, and noticed they started work on the one going in at Orange Rd and N High recently as well!

  28. Does the season really ever end though?

  29. No- but this will be the first ever kickoff to the 2023 construction season in the history of the world!

  30. Does anybody know timing for the us-23 portion of indianola? I feel like they keep pushing it off but it needs resurfaced badly.

  31. The City of Columbus will complete two rounds of resurfacing projects this year.

  32. They announced today that their first Columbus location, on Hilliard Rome road in front of the Menards, should open on or around May 23rd...

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