1. I wanna know where this idea came from. I’m guessing the subway. If I was a writer for SNL I would ride the subway all day just for material.

  2. I would have pushed here out after complaint #3. 3 unsubstantiated bitches and you’re gone.

  3. Used for self-defense? Am I supposed to ask my assailant if he would like a prostate exam?

  4. If it’s feasible, 15% of your salary should go to your 401k. Invest in value stock or blue chip stock etfs/ funds. Use a 401k calculator, you’ll be a millionaire.. eventually at 7% compounding. Be frugal, if you make 50k, live like you make 40. Don’t buy new cars. Toyota and Honda will get you 200,000+ miles and very low maintenance.

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