[Wojnarowski] BREAKING: The Phoenix Suns are nearing a blockbuster trade to acquire Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant, sources tell ESPN. Durant wanted move to Suns, and new owner Mat Ishbia pushing to get deal done tonight.

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  1. I'm told that raps like ziaire bc they are trying to milk more out of pelicans whom actually have nice things

  2. Nah, it's not mental health. Dude has always just been an ass, in college when he was asked about learning to shoot the 3, he said he didn't need to. As in he was too good to bother.

  3. Yeah, I remember Mike Schmitz was talking about him when he was having problems at LSU and said it was a pattern from high school. I saw him quit on LSU and he was a dick about it and his team sucked and hated him for it. Years later I saw a documentary about him covering those early years and I had to stop watching pretty quickly. I seldom stop anything half way and it's usually bc of production value, not hating the subject and I usually forget about it immediately. I still have a bad taste.

  4. Hard to say as we are not doctors and he's not under examine.

  5. Im raising the banner in my mind

  6. Im thinking if Masai wanted to go the compete route we shoulda went all in for KD, my fellow tank fans are sobbing.

  7. 😭 the tank was really shaping up to baynesian proportions!

  8. That's what we did with this deadline?

  9. After all the summer build up, this trade finally happened.

  10. Does this mean Flex was right and the Suns fans will never shut up about it...?

  11. Sources: Phoenix is sending Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, Cam Johnson, four first-round picks and a pick swap for Kevin Durant.

  12. Foreal.. they’re basically glorified Reddit members.. that get paid.. to write useless trash 🤣

  13. They get paid a good living afaik. The bloggers in the trenches living on ramen tho or got a day job.

  14. Yeah I was thinking not to tag but appreciate your help - thx nano!

  15. Whoever Masai wants with the #1 pick will still be available at the Spurs #31 pick.

  16. Make your point and spare the rhetoric.

  17. Why do you quote everything, especially when there's only one sentence? That's pointless.

  18. Boucher feeling like gleague mvp/dpoy again versus this gleague Spurs team.

  19. Lakers pick from nola likely ain't as good now.

  20. Jack is speaking wemby into existence

  21. This sounds more like a timeline recap than reporting

  22. There's gotta be a transfer off the Kipling bus that connects to Pearson

  23. Lol idk why people drool over dyson daniels but don’t like quickley. You know he’s one of the best bench players in the nba at 23 right?

  24. IQ is nice and hartenstein could help but I'm leery of the picks. Those three protected picks are not that great and they're scheduled for the same yr. If there are some of the Knicks own picks and the protections are more favourable than it's likely a good deal but maybe not the best deal.

  25. I would trade Fred if they can’t re-sign him, but it would take a pretty incredible offer to want to move Siakam. So hard for the Raptors to acquire top tier talent. Siakam is that, he’s homegrown, and he’s only entering his prime. Hard to imagine winning that trade.

  26. Maybe, I just don't think they work together. They are both on-ball players. Fred is ok off bball but I think hes most effective at ast:to so he need the ball too.

  27. The theory is that Barnes becomes better than Siakam in 2-3 years. No guarantees that’ll ever happen, but I think it’s less likely you find Scottie a top 15 player to play with in the next few years if they trade away Siakam.

  28. Yeah, I will say that siakam continues to improve, beyond expectations and atypical trajectory. However, theres a risk calculus and no built strategy is ever guaranteed. You squeeze that lemon and there will be no juice left to sell. At some point, his the cross sectionof his ROI v production will peak and that's the prime selling window. Could be that window or not but I'm more convinced that the positional redundancy between Pascal and Scottie is fundamental and therefore likely not easily fixable and futile trying. Better off to get players that fit.

  29. Either this team goes into a rebuild (unlikely) or a retool, and in neither scenario are FRPs 6 years from now valuable.

  30. First, I'd say trades are always unlikely so probably we are debating the confirmed rumours of what was discussed, after the dust settles in the coming days. By that I mean, they may want to rebuild or retool but maybe it doesnt happen til the summer or beyond. But, I suspect we will know what was on the table. Sorta like we debate Maxey v precious now. Assuming, we believe Maxey was offered. Hope that makes sense?

  31. They got some picks in the kyrie deal. I think you have to go as far forward as 2029 but I think it's possible to squeeze 3 frps out of them. Pretty sure I did it on fanspo trade machine.

  32. Eric Gordon, Jakob poeltl? You would think we are piece away from being contenders

  33. Smoke to drive up the price of their assets. They're acting like they're on the fence between winning and losing but playin for what imo.

  34. Raptors: hey, Eric, what ru up to?

  35. That's what Im saying. Enough of this FVV leadership nonsense. This is Siakam's team. Siakam is Toronto's identity

  36. Both have led the team to the basement and that's why there's trade rumours. Maybe this is Scotties team but remains to be seen. Moving the old guard and giving Scottie the ball is the only way to find out. We have a big enough sample of fred and Pascal to know that they're not capable of leading a winner.

  37. Hate to break it to you, but Scottie is not a point guard. Scottie plays better playing with a point guard and as a secondary playmaker, akin to Jokic playing with Jamal Murray. We trade Fred, we need a replacement

  38. You're not breaking anything to anyone bc it's just your opinion, not fact.

  39. I’d say he is. Even will Lou of the raptors pod mentioned how grange is the one that speaks to masai a bunch and what not. I’d say he kind of acts as the front offices mouthpiece. Now he may not report accurately because he may be reporting what the front office wants him to. But I’d say he’s as plugged in as it gets, just need to read between the lines with his stories.

  40. Except Masai tells him the opposite of what he is doing.

  41. Why wait until the off-season? Both of their value is at all-time highs right now. Nobody else is even available. Masai's job is to maximize the Raptor's return for those two. He's simply just trying to get every team to give them their best offer.

  42. Probably but likely more players available in the summer and less of a deadline plus known draft position/players. Also, raps players are under contract, except Fred and Gary and their market is not great. Masai has said in the past that he prefers to do business in the summer.

  43. Amick is good and amico is bad?

  44. i don't know if multiple protected picks would be considered a fleece. I don't think people in this thread know the protections on the first round picks being offered.

  45. Yeah, I don't think those 3 protected picks are necessarily a fleece, I don't really want them. I think the idea is more that raps are leaking the 3 picks offer to drive up the market. They're are not saying the picks are the protected ones but they likely are. It's not actually a fleece unless someone pulls the trigger and we see what assets are given.

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